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put in a new thermostat. when it idles the temp hand goes up to normal.
when i drive it falls back down to cold. The heater blows cold air out on defrost and warm air out on the floor. I do not know what is wrong with my heater.
2006 ford Taurus v6. haven't had any other problems prior, except battery went out. Could it possibly be spark plugs need replacing. I checked the fuel pump Cutoff button, reset it and changed my fuel filter so far
Here's what I have so far from chasing the rabbit down the hole...
New Autolite Platinum plugs gapped .042
<2000 miles on Duralast plug wires
New BWD ignition coil pack (twice)
New cats y-pipe with 3rd (Unmonitored) deleted
New Bank 2 Sen 1&2 O2 sensors
New Heated PCV
Vacuum runs 19-21.4 at idle. Drops to 0.5-1.0 on take off then to around 12 to maintain on flat ground.
Idle in park fluctuates between 650-750rpm
Replaced vac line & coupler on the backside of the air intake tube behind the MAF.
Ran the smoke/propane/water mist tests, no leaks
Barely gets up a small hill going 20 with about 50% throttle. All the while stuttering like it has a bad plug
Alt & Batt tested good
Belt and tensioner good

Shows codes P0353(intermittently) & P1000 (constant, no CEL)
My 2006 taurus passenger front window won't roll up. And my radio won't come on either
I didn't turn the key all the way off and the battery ran down. Now it will not jump off but the dash lights and radio will come on but will not crank
When starting, the engine cranks over many times before starting
Starts every time, but immediately stalls
I installed an after market radio and I blew a few fuses but now the gas gauge is not working and the message center and mileage is not working
My oil presure light is on in my dash and when u try to start the car it makes a single click why wont my car start changer alt. Batt. And checked fuses and fuse relays what could it be????
po 420 code - car runs fine , light came on yesterday
Codes: PO 300 PO 301 PO 306 PO 352 Vehicle has over 150k miles on it

fuse box under steering wheel was kicked accidently and activated the device and it shut down everything.
Does not want Togo into any gears but does start, help.
Code was P0442
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