2005 Ford Taurus Questions

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When I excepted like 20 miles / hours stared on high acceleration, but running slowly; maybe any sensor problem?
The wires on top of engine block are mangled, and when I turn the key it won't turn over. There just one click sound.
Electrical problems nothing inside the car works except the heater and dash light the wind shield wipers don't work either
With the cold weather recently my car is having issues wanting to start and stay on. When I start my 05 Ford Taurus up right away the Rpm jumps up high and the engine roars. After started the Rpm will move up and down. In cold weather front of car will shake. When trying to warm it up sometimes it will die.
It just happened to me it never did before but my key won’t turn in the ignition my wheel is moving but my key won’t turn there is no noise
replace syco. cam sensor, replace fuel filter, replace mass airflow sensor
Show me on the screen, LOW OIL PRESSURE signal, what a means? one time after that signal, don't staring when I turn on the switch, I did the regular oil change, please, I need to know what's come on?
If i change the ac compressor. Do i need to change the pulley
low coolant light on . coolant is leaks.
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks

What seems to make the problem better or worse? doesen't matter hot or cold engine
How long have you had this problem? a while
The rpm is going into the red when giving it has and jerking very hard when it finally goes into gear.
I was driving home from work when the odometer, speedometer, tachometer went out.
Top and bottom location
Just occured today. First time happening..
Now my car want start
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