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Theres not a sticker telling me
the ac will blow out right then switch to defrost on its own then change back
I crank the car three times in a row it ran perfectly come home turned it off went to crank it all indications come on that is going to crying but it won't crank I have tried resetting it and I have put in a new starter relay help
car was running well when key was lost replaced ignition cylinder need to know how to disable or reset system
Blows normally otherwise
Started out having a hard time starting, till wouldnt start. Tested the battery, it was no good. Bought new one, next day still having trouble starting maybe even worse. While driving, it was having trouble excelerating and wanted to die. To check the alternator, started the car and unhooked the battery and the car died. So I changed the alternator, not really being for sure that was the problem. As soon I put a new one in the charge system light came on. Again that didn't make anything better. Drove to auto zone , died on at a stop sign wwouldn't start . All the lights went out like the battery was died. After about 20 mins I tired to start it and it started with help. Make it to auto zone and it died. No code read on the engine . Please help
what else do you need to know
It just started to misfire. Not sure where coils A and C are located.
how to change the mpg on the cluster on the dash
How to adjust up down left right
I'm pretty sure that the plugs and wires are when i can get it to start and put it in drive it jerks and shakes so bad u can't drive it
I need the speaker wires colors that goes in the radio
Need to know socket size
My Heat Doesn't Work in My Car The Vents Work Good I Put A New Thermostat In But Still No Hot Air What Can Cause This
It keeps illuminating that all the doors are ajar, deck lid ajar,
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