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Rebuilt transmission in 2014

Only my top blows air.

My zip code is 30125. Was low on oil last Wed. Put 2 quarts in and everything seemed fine. Today Tuesday of the following week oil light came back on. Checked the oil level it was low again. Put two more quarts in. Oil light is still on and engine is starting to sound like a diesel. Oil level is good on dip stick. This is the 6 cylinder engine. Noise gets really bad under load such as going up hill trying to accelerate or even when using ac.

Fuel filter done 6 months ago,just replaced fuel sensor,sparkplugs,air filter,fuel filter car idles womt start got a gauge to check pressure now n cant find the valve

how can you tell if the water pump is bad?

Mirror got k ocker off and the wires connecting it were cut by someone and the wires touched after that the windows and interior lights won't work.

Fan won't spin car smoking by reservoir

It does it all the time. Now it stalled out when it was raining the other night. Don't see no wires that r bare

I start it back up, the light is off. I'll drive the rest of the day or even the next day before it comes back on again. Stopped at a gas station, the mechanic says it shifts ok. He said it could be a bad sending unit. I told him to unplug it if he could. Did he, NO. What might be the problem?

Car goes in 1st and 2 nd gear when drive turn like transmission in neutral

When checked it was no reading on dipstick added two quarts drove okay for 4-5 hours then same thing check fluids reading was now way over full now have no forward gears unless engine and transmission are cold and then only for short time and if I do not switch out of forward gears however reverse always works just fine have replaced vacuum modulator and transmission filter after filter changed worked good till turned off restarted and had no forward gears at all next morning tried for the hell of it worked good till end of street, works when cold short time then nothing like neutral..
what could it be??

I can see rpm s moving up n down when driving under 15 miles an hour

Code was 02 sensor bank 1/1, is there a fuse or another thing to change without having to pay for a diagnostics.

Had flat rear passenger side tire, how to reset inertia switch, or what iz problem with car starting, when the dash shows a gas cap w /

Back tire caught flat