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makes whinng noise
I have a 2002 Ford Taurus. According to several Forums this is a common problem Do you know a solution????
Replace the battery took it into my local auto parts store they plugged it in before taking it to admissions these are the codes that turned up and now it runs like shit will it still get your emissions what do I do
Part will be used because they aren't made anymore so will used part work with car? If so will it have to be done by dealer? Someone said it was a simple snap in part and would work as far is driven.
My check engine light is flashing. If I drive it for a while sometimes the transaxle light will blink (especially if pulling a lot of hills). The car sputters and sometimes backfires when pulling hills and when sitting at a stoplight, most times it will sputter. When I took it to the auto parts store, they kept getting the same error code....misfire in cylinder 1. I replaced all plugs and wires about 6 months ago.
the middle, and driver side back passenger seat belts are stuck and won't pull out.
my car also hesitates a little while after riding then the oil light starts to flash. i add oil every couple of days
I replaced the one on left side of engine, but the code reader keeps saying pcv valve.
the 3rd gear the transmission has been slipping then connects, pops in gear.Yesterday, after reaching 55 miles an hour the 3 light comes on and goes off when I slow down.
Steam coming from under the hood after drivIng it
If you drive it a block, it starts to overheat. Someone told me that I had a leak in the radiator hose?
This problem started all of a sudden I hasn't changed
My car dies when I stop or slow down after it's been driven /gets hot, but the temp gauge is at normal. Nothing seems to be overheating. It did not start without making a rough noise or it made a little scream, that happened twice on trying to restart. I've had my car die and restart to move it till it died again at a light. 3 different times.
After I let the car sit for a bit and or had it pushed off the road it will start.
Every time you shift in reverse it blows reverse lights and turn signals
The car stops running when at stop lights or when using the brake and turning the wheel It also stops running while idling with the air on..
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