2002 Ford Taurus Questions

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Every time you shift in reverse it blows reverse lights and turn signals
The car stops running when at stop lights or when using the brake and turning the wheel It also stops running while idling with the air on..
When you walk up to the car you can kinda smell gas but there's no leak on the ground and when you cut the car on you can start to smell gas after 10 seconds
The radio, blinkers dome light , lights, windshield wipers all work but the engine will not turn over.
With car in gear. Put in neutral and idles fine
had the starter replaced and radio/cd player no longer worked.
head gasket, when I turn on the heater I get a smell like burn oil everytime I turn on the heater. And next is the car jerks? once in a while.
Back right tire is leaking fluid. I am guessing from the brake line because I lost a lot of braking power on my way home.
Brake light only works when I press it completely down. When I slow down light doesn't come on.
Wine was poured in my gas tank what do i do
Can i still drive
All buttons and switches have been moved but still nothing. Can you please tell me what problem can it be?
car runs fine, no codes. while driving i turn on radio, wipers, headlights,signal lights, car will start to surge, the dash warning lights flicker, the speedometer increases (if stopped) then car dies. it will start right up, and run fine if i do not use the electrical devices mentioned
My car stutters and I think it's because the spark plugs are bad.
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