2001 Ford Taurus Questions

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after the car is running and you are going down the road the door indicator will come on showing the door,s are open. then the power locks will click up and down and some time the dome light will come on.when this happens
Only getting 12.5 volts while running and replaced the alternator twice and still not charging removed the alternator a third time and had it checked it checked good checked all the grounds don't know what else to do
It won't reverse n it gets stuck.

How long have you had this problem? 2 days. Since last drive.
Dont have the car yet bc it needs a battery but i nerd to get the correct one
transaxle light come on and car lost all speed
The timing gear cover is leaking water and I need to know the average cost to replace the gasket when replacing the water pump
My car would not gain speed now its parked and it starts but will not engage with any of the gears what's the problem?
2001 Ford Taurus SE, 104k miles.

When braking during deacceleration, my car shudders and makes an audible sound (it's more like a deep vibration). The steering wheel shakes so badly I feel like I'm going to lose control!

Also, I have to slam on the brakes when going over 30 mph. At slower speeds, only a tap is all I need. Seems like the two might be related.

Leaks a little after driven a while. Need proper way to tighten bolts. No problem with transmission, just leaking at two bolts. Would like directions
Car recently had head gaskets changed, but ended up having a miss after that. One day driving down the highway it started to decelerate and wouldnt pick up speed when i pressed the accelerator, but once i pulled over n popped the hood it had smoke coming from around the engine n smelled like burned rubber. I turned the car off and it wouldnt start but it would turn over freely. My diagnostic tool showed i had a misfire in 2 cyclinders and bank 1 was too lean. I was told i should get another motor, but i want to know if thats what i should really do because i need to get my car fixed asap.
When the lights are on and the car has been running for a while they will eventually light up. But when there not working the turn signals stay lit up like it's a bulb or something....
The longer the car is in use the problem gets worse
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