2000 Ford Taurus Questions

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when I drive over bumps
My Oil Light comes on when I brake or when in slow stop and go traffic. It goes off when I accelerate at speeds above 30mph. I have taken car to Ford Service several times, however, they cannot diagnose the problem because the light does not remain on. My oil pressure is good. They recently said they found some loose/dirty wiring which they tightened and clean but the problem remains.
as wheels turn the noise continues. Could this be a ball joint problem?
is a duratec 24 v v6 in a 2000 taurus wagon. am original owner.much spent maintaining.pcm just died. now engine runs incredible but rpm at 75 seems waaay to high.i am seriously worried
I just want a new battery replacement for my Ford Taurus. I would like to have an estimate for new battery installed. My Ford does not require any more other than the usual standard requirements needed for a 2000 Ford Taurus, 6 cyl, A/C, stereo and A/T. Reply to; Thanks.
While I'm driving that check transaxle light blinks on and off sometimes I can't go pass 20 mph and it make a roaring type of noise
When the headlight switch is turned to the automatic position, only the running lights come on when it gets dark.
I need to fix the smog pump on my car can you guide me to the part and it is install
Where is it and how do I fix it?
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