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is a duratec 24 v v6 in a 2000 taurus wagon. am original owner.much spent maintaining.pcm just died. now engine runs incredible but rpm at 75 seems waaay to high.i am seriously worried

I just want a new battery replacement for my Ford Taurus. I would like to have an estimate for new battery installed. My Ford does not require any more other than the usual standard requirements needed for a 2000 Ford Taurus, 6 cyl, A/C, stereo and A/T. Reply to; Thanks.

While I'm driving that check transaxle light blinks on and off sometimes I can't go pass 20 mph and it make a roaring type of noise

When the headlight switch is turned to the automatic position, only the running lights come on when it gets dark.

I need to fix the smog pump on my car can you guide me to the part and it is install

Where is it and how do I fix it?

Driving my car one day and everything is fine, I park and let it sit for 2 days before driving again. But this time when I start the engine and try to shift to drive my break pedal goes all the way to the floor I can't figure out what is wrong. I checked for leaks, found none I added break fluid and still they don't work, what else could it be?

Sometimes, the key won't turn and the steering wheel is stuck. The gear shifter indicator does not show in the proper position and I have to adjust the position. Can the shifter position cause it not to start? It is not starting of and on now and all other potential starting problems have been eliminated.

Engine is mise fireing on # 2 cylinder also running lean. Changed vacum hoses that were bad and pcv valve, plugs and wires. Had an extra coil pack so changed it out. While engine is running a loud sound begins quietly at first and then gets louder. Sounds like a bearing spinning and squeling. The sound goes away when you loosen the oil cap and allow more air to enter crank case. Car set up for a year it has 57,000 miles. What could cause the sound? I think what ever it is may be causeing mise fire.

Left front power window down position. Switch broken. ?safe way to power moter as to raise window. Door trip trim removed already. Just looking to prevent damages if at all possible.