2000 Ford Taurus Questions

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We just got the car a year or so ago. AC was working but not heat. So we tried changing blend door. But still not working?? Not sure what to try next.
show me picture of where the issue may be
show me picture of where the issue may be
Low coolant light wont go off.coolant tank full with antifreeze.what are the possible cause of low coolant light to be on.
The. Car steering would hardly move and the car accelerated.that the fuel pump?
My air conditioning doesn't work at all. What is wrong with my car?
The a/c system was ice cold all summer. Then one extremely hot day while using the a/c, made a stop and left the motor idling and a/c on. The a/c air became hot. Looked under the hood and noticed that the clutch on the a/c pulley was slipping and not fully engaging. Will feel cool air if the a/c clutch engages for four seconds or more. Checked the a/c with an a/c manifold gauge set. A/c system has pressure.
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