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Changing sparkpluggs need to know the gap
iam fairly capable of replaceing the alternator myself how ever id like alittle advice on the matter
While driving my car will start shutting down first the radio then all the lights will come on so I have to put it in neutral run the engine up sometimes it will go back to normal but if not it will shut down and shut off then won't start have to get a jump
What can I do to fix it
I got an alternater done on it. And new battery..
Light came on last week car began running and idoling extremely choppy when i press gas it sputters slowly gains speed low power. I noticed coolent almost out so i initially filled. Next day light off car normal. Since then when i turn on AC the car begins to idol choppy loss of power. Today light back on car running and idoling 10xs worse. Once again noticed coolent almost out so again initially filled. Almost didnt make it home running poorly sputtering gaining power very slowly and idoling choppy to the point of almost dying. HELP ME
I replaced the rotors and put new brakes on it within the last 3 months at high speeds a 45 miles an hour and higher I can feel movement and shaking shaking in the steering wheel and in the brake pedal I have to let off the brake and depress the brake again and do this a couple times so I can get the car to slow down without the shaking
seems maybe a short somewhere.Radio stopped working and we have to take battery cable off when sits to keep from draining battery. Changed oil and shavings Please help.
I was driving it started to slow down and stopped no check light won't move when I hit gas engine runs
Five months ago I realized that I was getting very few miles to a tank of gas. Motor began to idle roughly, but was ok stoplight to stoplight. But eventually motor began to stall at each stoplight. O2 sensors were replaced with Ford O2 sensors. But the motor began to run more roughly. I found a split manifold vacuum hose and replaced it. Then found that the MAF sensor had gone bad (tried to clean MAF sensor with no improvement). (Motor ran better with MAF unplugged). Replaced the MAF sensor. The motor idles and accelerates well. MPG is great. I just need to complete two of the four monitors. If you know how, please help.
My car ran out of gas on the highway Christmas Eve night. I returned to the car with gas and it will turn over a couple times and then it seems like the whole engine locks up. The fuel pump is coming on but it was loud when normally I can't hear it. My truck is broken down and now my car is to!! Anybody have any ideas??
When driving down the road. Coming to a stop light. Once you come to a stop. The Car bucks hard. Down into 1st gear.
Have had new water pumps installed on my car in the beginning of 2014 and 2015 due to a coolant leak. This time when I took it in they told me it was leaking from behind what the water pump connects to. Took it to another mechanic and they told me it needed a new timing cover gasket and would cost $400 to fix.
I bought my 2000 Ford Taurus 24V DOHC three years ago with no A/C. As it turns out there was a serpentine bypass belt and I'd assumed the compressor was dead and could not afford the repair at the time. Is there any other reason the previous owner may have opted for the bypass belt? And if it were still working and the bypass belt were used for whatever other reason, is there any hope that it may still be operable now, or would the length of time not being operated have let it deteriorate to uselessness anyhow? Would like to know if perhaps I should be considering jumping ship on the car, how expensive this may end up being if other components may also have been affected and if there is any cheaper way to troubleshoot. Would really appreciate any advice!!
We just got the car a year or so ago. AC was working but not heat. So we tried changing blend door. But still not working?? Not sure what to try next.
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