2000 Ford Taurus Questions

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reset swich for fuel pump
how much would it cost to repair a clutch?
How much to repair for a blown head gasket. I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and my head gasket has blown causing my car not to start. I would like to know what kind of shops would fix this problem for me?
The A C just stopped working and I can't find the fuse.
what is the cost to replace alternator. Also, the cost of the alternator
the fuel pump sensor is bad and need to replace in order to pass smog
I need the all the hoses replaced, and my Cruise Control is not working at all, no part of it works. Does it have a seperat fuse?
What would the cost be on these on average?
why would transmission fluid be blowing out of the dip stick? it happens every 20-30 miles or so. is there some sort of back pressure deal
how do i remove and replace the trans. in a 2000 ford taurus? 3.0 motor, TR code L, gear colom, OVOC
Alternator and Battery changed still not charging. Air Bag Light stays on. Check Engine Light has been on for some time
My headlights are very dirty and yellow. I was told that 3M makes a kit that can fix this issue. I need it, because my car is VERY unsafe. Does this 3M headlight kit work? If so, where do I get it?
I recently replaced the real coil springs on my car. now when i hit a bump it makes like a banging sound from the rear of my vehical im wondering should i not drive it till i can get it back to the mechanic. It sounds like something is banging in the rear area where the spring was replaced?
the air condition and heater doesnt work at all
what metric tool will i need to change my brake pads on the front?
drips while driving and I check the water before I leave home and fill it up if needed.
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