2000 Ford Taurus Questions

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All I know is I Checked the code and it was a p0411 secondary airstream incorrect upper air flow can someone help me diagnose this
Just bought a battery from Walmart for this car woke up the next morning the car won't start had the alternator tested oreilys I said it come back good had the battery tested and they said it was drained dry overnight what could be the problem with this Taurus
Car will not change gears. Car ideals rough have to keep rpms up to keep running.
I want to replace the fuse for the auxiliary plug under the cigarette lighter to see if I can then use a small blower/heater. It is a 12 volt.
It can the auto shop fix it or do I have to replace the whole front axle
Having trouble with a/c blowing cold at idle...
I noticed my oil light kept coming on in my Taurus every time my car is not moving but when I'm driving it goes off. Last night I noticed my brake light came on. I have had the tensioner pulley and another pulley that sits directly above it replaced. I've also replaced the serpentine belt. After I replaced the upper pulley the light stop coming on and then started back again. While I was driving the belt tore to shreds and luckily I made it to an auto part store. They said it sounded like it was my tensioner pulley so I replaced it and unfortunately they gave me a belt that was too small and they were closed when I found this out. So I put my old belt back on because it looked fine and I needed to get home which is the next town over. Now I've noticed my oil light is brighter now when I'm sitting at a light but my car doesn't need oil. Last night while I was driving I noticed my brake light came on and went back off. I checked to see if my e brake was on but it wasn't. So I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. Thank you in advance.
Ac bypass serpentine belt...will bypassing ac compressor prevent defrost and heating?
Pour something out every time I drive and then come home and park it. One guy told me it was head gasket and fluid was pouring out, not just leaking. Then sent me somewhere else to get fixed.
I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and the fuse number 28 keeps blowing. Then my vehicle transmission will not shift why is this?
Will not turn over with out bypassing to the starter
My car is smelling like gas
i used break cleaner attempted to bleed all 4 but i found out that there was no fluid in the rear discs. why?? the front yes . even after pumping the pedal several times i was unable to get fluid to the rear' again why?
I can hear the noise of the motor (?) when I press the button but seat will not move.
Ball joint snapped a month ago. Replaced it. A week later hub assembly went bad. Stayed "fixed" for about a week. Failed again. Replaced again. Failed after after 3 days. Axle nut is still perfect. Something is making it go bad and I need ideas.
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