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Pour something out every time I drive and then come home and park it. One guy told me it was head gasket and fluid was pouring out, not just leaking. Then sent me somewhere else to get fixed.

I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and the fuse number 28 keeps blowing. Then my vehicle transmission will not shift why is this?

Will not turn over with out bypassing to the starter

My car is smelling like gas

i used break cleaner attempted to bleed all 4 but i found out that there was no fluid in the rear discs. why?? the front yes . even after pumping the pedal several times i was unable to get fluid to the rear' again why?

I can hear the noise of the motor (?) when I press the button but seat will not move.

Ball joint snapped a month ago. Replaced it. A week later hub assembly went bad. Stayed "fixed" for about a week. Failed again. Replaced again. Failed after after 3 days. Axle nut is still perfect. Something is making it go bad and I need ideas.

My car won't but after I ran out of gas

Hosed from engine coolant to radiator to engine?

I put a 32oz. of power steering fluid in one day already and still there is none in it, I'm guessing a hole or leak somewhere. Still the wheel is turning but with alot of force.

Had one made. Turns but wont start the car. My guess it is chipped. Please respond thank you.

Changing sparkpluggs need to know the gap

iam fairly capable of replaceing the alternator myself how ever id like alittle advice on the matter

While driving my car will start shutting down first the radio then all the lights will come on so I have to put it in neutral run the engine up sometimes it will go back to normal but if not it will shut down and shut off then won't start have to get a jump
What can I do to fix it
I got an alternater done on it. And new battery..

Light came on last week car began running and idoling extremely choppy when i press gas it sputters slowly gains speed low power. I noticed coolent almost out so i initially filled. Next day light off car normal. Since then when i turn on AC the car begins to idol choppy loss of power. Today light back on car running and idoling 10xs worse. Once again noticed coolent almost out so again initially filled. Almost didnt make it home running poorly sputtering gaining power very slowly and idoling choppy to the point of almost dying. HELP ME