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I replace the starter and the battery and it still wont start when I replace the battery the horn started to go off can u please help
looking for how many hours it will take to replace transmission
HELP!!! MY 98 ford tarus runs fine all winter but when the weather is hot and i run the airconditioning after 20 minutes it stalls i restart it it loads up and stalls then after a few tries it wont start at all just cranks over. I had a dianostic test it gave a code P0401 insufficient EGR flow detected i have checked the EGR its fine i replace the following , fuel pump , crank sensor , coolant sensor DPFE sensor. Anyone know what is causing this problem???
just replaced water pump, thermostat,radiator, thermal swicth, head gaskets, plus new heads..still overheats and flows out to reservoure
The noise is anytime the car is on, whether I'm in park or driving. Started as a squeaky noise whenever I turned the heater on, for about a week, and has progressed to a constant scratching sound. Basic diagnostics said no problems.
Fluid is full and cable is working... could it be a senior? I even disconnected the battery cable to try and reset..... please help...
Went to store and came back to car and wouldn't go in any gear.... fluid is full cable is still attached.... what could be wrong?????
Making a loud noise when i do not have foot on gas and everything will turn but the crankshaft wont turn the belt it just spins.
It slows way down then speeds up gets stuck at 10mlh feeling a grounding on the floor board when it happens and the engine light is on but no codes come up when tested please help
I read that the intake could be made of either plastic or metal for I was just wondering
The radio works great. Just won't light up unless my headlights are on
I just let it run for about 10 mins yesterday with no problem, battery and alternator both showed fine voltage. It'll turn over, and almost start but instead the car backfires sometimes and the car shakes and putts. When it did start, as soon as u put it in gear you could tell a huge difference. While in park, it sounds just fine, running good. But then when u put it in reverse it putts and the car shakes slightly, lights dim, and flicker.
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