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My turn signal light to go left started blinking rapidly. Also the light for it inside stays on. And the bulb in front does not flash. What could be wrong? It's only with the left turn signal the right side blinks just fine.
I have the coil and wires replaced the vehicle is still sputtering and having misfire
Needed to add oil drove it up to the station a couple blocks away when we pulled in it stalled now it won't start we added 3 quarts of oil can you help or is it dead someone said to it might be the starter but it did start okay before that
Blower motor doesn't work
Problem occurs every time the front wheels are not straight.

Owners manual doesn't have it.
Chilton's 96-99 has it in schematics.
Power box labelling inconsistent with actual box components/fuses. Last bank of box is totally omitted on my GL model. Could be one of those mislabeled ones? Or could be in trunk near safety cutoff switch?
16gal fuel tank.
Car is realky loud (sounds like a race car or a motorcycle) and it smells like exhaust inside and out of the car. Should I just replace the muffler or do I need to replace other gaskets/parts as well? Thankd

started running rough like when idleing and when driving didnt have as much power. then a little white smoke from engine . then few days later started smelling like gas. and is losing even more power now.
car runs fine from 0 to 35 mi.per hr on long trip on the frway. at 60 to 70 mi.per hr running for 2hrs it over heats and i have to stop
It just reves the engine. I have to turn car off then back on again to make it go. Maybe twice a month if I were to guess.
My fiancee dropped the only key that we had down in the toilet were can I get a copy for cheap
So I accidentally hit a curb pretty bad and the next day I was driving down an interstate. When I was about 60 miles into the drive my RPM was fluctuating between 3-4 so I pulled over and the next thing I know is it is smoking every where and all my trans fluid leaked out.

I had it towed to a mechanic and they are being very sketchy and I have a few questions.

They said that the fluid lines are fine. Also they said that when looking at it they saw a few pieces broken off from a seal in the transmission and it looked like is was to a 4x4 screen and gasket. They said they are pretty positive the trans is not cracked and all it could be is the oil pan and a gasket.

They told me that they had to take my entire transmission out to fix this problem and then they have to put it back in which would cost $640 just to take it out and put it back in. This did not include the parts that need to be fixed.

I feel as if I am getting ripped off and I am a college student and can't afford this. I am wondering if what they are saying to me is 100% accurate or if they are just trying to get money out of me.

I have heard different things from different people and just would like some more opinions.

Thank you!
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