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transmission slips out of gear at stop lights
Dave answered a question on a 1994 Ford Taurus obtaining access to the front nut plate that holds the sub frame to the body. Access hole offers limited access if the AC compressor is removed. Is it possible to get a wrench onto the nut that bears on the plate by removing compressor ? Can the actual plate also be replaced via this access hole ? Is there an access hole for driver's side front sub
frame to body bolt nut ? How to get to it ?
I have a 1994 ford Taurus. I have had it for about 5 months now, and when I start its.puttin like it's going to die. When I did drive ,it would start out fine,but a few minutes after the car would lose power, I could hold the gas to the floor and would still be going the same speed. Also made a scraping noise frequently while I drove. When I would pull over I would have smoke coming from the front of the car next to the radiator but I never saw the coolant. The temperature had never went about the middle. No sure what I need to do.
I'm trying to replace my headlight assemblies
It's been going for two days, I had to take the battery cable a-part!
Turns over can hear pump noise no pressure at test point where is inertia reset located
When I'm already moving it shifts fine. Only at a stop do I have this problem . My guess is bands in my tranny, or sensors in tranny or torque Convertor? Please help
When I got it it ran for about 15 miles and it just died it started the next morning and took it down the alley where I live it died again and wouldn't start back after that I have changed the ignition module and the coil .
Engine cranks no start. Fuel pressure good. will run when using ether sprayed in throttle body.
put distributor on, now seat wont move, doors wont lock and air wont kick on. Compressor is new. There are no blown fuses.. What is the suggestions? I've looked and checked all I can understand.
have replaced iac code reads egr when diagnosing code light flashes 332 motor surged so bad broke hydraulic motor mount a/c manifold power steering draws down when the motor starts idling up happens with foot on brake at a stop otherwise car has power no slipping when accelerating runs great no one can figure out what the problem is please help ive dumped 700 dollars into it with no change would be extremely appreciative for any suggestions
they squeal when riding stop when I apply them. start again when I start again. o they stop when I ride over the warning grid on the side of the highway
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