1993 Ford Taurus Questions

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install rake and pinion
where is the transmission fluid reservoir located? i recently got this car and just wanted to know where to add the fluid because the car often kicks a little, so i just wanted to know for future references.

The car has a rebuilt engine 4 - 5 months old. It idols rough and started stalling. How do I set the idol to stop this problem?

Help Please

I need to know the torque specs for the oil pan and can't seem to find that info anywhere. Do you have the information, or know where I can find it?
When I am cruising down the highway and let my foot off the gas pedal, the transmission downshifts all the way down to what seems the first gear. Very annoying. If I press back on the gas pedal it will get back into proper gear. Also, when the engine is relatively cold, I will put it into DOD and it will take a while for the trans. to shift into a higher gear. Transmission fluid was changed a couple of years ago. I check the fluid and there is no loss and looks clean, no burnt smell.
is a speedometer cable danger if not working on a car
how much does a speedometer cable cost
I think a piece came off of the hood that hooks into the latch. there doesn;t seem to be anything for the latch to grac
I have completely flushed the air conditioning system and I can't find out how much oil I need to charge the system with. Please help!
How to remove the pulley from power steering pump.
interior light stays on door ajar light on, even when the key is removed
What are the torque specifications for the head bolts when repacing a head gasket on a 93 taurus with 3.0 engine?
so my car all of a sudden will only drive in neutral. it drives highway speed in that gear but nothing else works have any ideas what the problem could be or how to fix it or cost of repairs.....
What other transmissions will bolt up to the sho3.2? I now have an AX4S automatic.
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