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How does one determine if a power steering leak requires hose or pump replacement. My pump was supposedly replaced a year ago, but I have a little trickle hitting the ground beneath it and I have to top it up pretty often.
All leaks have ben repaired for some time. Cat smokes when engine gets hot with no check engine codes. I have replaced all lines and gaskets. I purchased the car used with 125k miles. I just dont want to go buy a cat they are up there in price
i have 3 power windows don't work on my Taurus, 1 of them worked right up until today. and the other two i got from the guy with it like that, there is lights showing on the driver side controller but they aren't working. their own controls(the ones connected to the door) don't work either. so think it might be a wiring issue or something else?
this is the first time I have had problems,, I turn over the key and it wont engage the starter I have rplaced the strater selenoid and the ignition, cant figure it out, can anyone offer any advise, thanks
i am having problems with the heating and cooling from the inside of my car, can not find a picture to help what can i do
Thanks Davejhm for the super quick answer to my 1st question. my next one is what terminology do i use to look up the repair estimate? thaks again!! i love this site!
only when I turn the steering wheel to the left do I hear a "whine" and the steering wheel moves back and forth and it's harder to turn..any suggestions or answers?
well sometimes am driving then the car just shuts off then instanly turn on i changed the fuel pump the distribuitor the spark plugs the spark plugs wires the ignition coil and i took the ignition control module to autozone to test and it passed when it wont turn on i haved check that it has no spark going to the distribuitor sometimes when i stop on a light its start to stall
Gas pedal seems to be loose when I step on the gas. Engines surges but when rpms' are down when I start it 3-4 times, my car cuts off. Any recommendation on how to fix this?
I have a ford taurus that is a 1993. I started it, put it in reverse and it shut off and hasn't run since..will not start either. tries but nothing happens. what could it be? I would like to get this running for my soon to be 16 yr old. -
where is the fuse box in the car
My Taurus will start and run (rough) with water billowing out the tailpipe. Head Gasket problem. A friend mentioned there is a product I could use like a sealant to fix the problem and maybe get another year or two out of the car. What might this product be and what would it entail? No water in oil.
When I put water in radiator it pours out the bottom....jacked car up followed bottom radiator hose...seems fine...but there are some nuts and bolts next to that that looks like water could b e coming from???? or drizzling from somewhere else any suggestions...
Shannon the dont wanna be a mechanic"
how do you change the back left blinker light?
when i step on the accerator the battery light comes on. what could be wrong witht the car
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