1992 Ford Taurus Questions

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Fuel pump quit working
This reaction occurs after reaching 45mph-60mph every 5-10 minutes. Other than that, the car shifts very smoothly.
1992 ford taurus gl
My tank will not accept over two gallons of gas at a time. Engine in great shape,runs well. I will do repair if easy fix.
I have no idea thinking its the fuel pump man i dont know please help
ready to recharge, ,but my low side keeps getting higher
and higher,I stopped putting in freon and still it keeps going up,, my high side is staying steady at 125,and yet i only got about 20oz into it,,what is the correct amount of freon for my should I hold the can when putting in freon
On my Ac system , how to put a new orfice tube in and where is it
Has enough freon so why is my pump bad or just the clutch assembly. . could it be the clutch cycle goes on off on off every 15 seconds..also are there some.accumulators that are compatible 134a and r12
happens mostly in the morning but can do it later in the day and it always starts but some times we have to wait 5-60 mins and it doesnt pop a code ive replaced plugs wires and fuel filter
I have a 1992 Ford Taurus GL Station Wagon,8 passenger, 3.OL V6, OHV, 222,685 m. Engine still runs very strong. On Rt. 22 in Mountainside, NJ, went from 0 to 50mph in 5 sec. True story!! For many months have had severe oil leaks. Got oil change and filter, 7/3, had to refill 2 &1/2 qts today. Slightly hear lifters, BUT NOT LOUD. Why does Oil light stay on? How can I fix/ Thank You guys!
1992 Ford Taurus--Turn on wipers everythings fine. After they run for a while they suddenly stop. Than restart for a while and than stop. This Action continues. Got caught in a heavy rainstorm this morning and could not see. Need diection. Thanks.
can i replace my 1992 ford taurus tranny with a 2013 ford tarus tranny
they still work when i use them to wash window with washer fluid setting
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