1990 Ford Taurus Questions

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Need complete brake line an fuel lines replaced.
turn signals and earmergency flashers do not work i need compleat wiering diagram of under dash and stearing collom with colors of elec.wiers
I have an 1986 ford taurus lx with the 3 liter v-6 engine. My radiator fan would not come on. I changed the relay, (part from salvage yard) then the fan comes on, even when the car is not running and the key is in the off position. I had changed the coolant heat sensor (new part) also. I have tried the fuse box, there isn't a fuse there for the radiator fan. I pulled the controls from the dash and disconected all the plug in wiring, and the fan still comes on. Then I found the resistor ( located bolted to the block its a ceramic block with wires coming out of it )and disconected it, and the fan did not come on, but I noticed that in that breif moment when I had the negative cable touching the battery there were some fumes. I smelled the battery post and it smelled like a hot electrical smell. So, what do I do now ? and what part does this resistor play in the problem, can I fix my problem with a replacement resistor ? Or do I put the old relay back in the car and change the resistor ? The goal here is just to get the fan to work as it is intended to. Thanks for reading my problem.

the radiator fan is not working if i jiggle the connection it will start to work for just a second is this my problem or do ineed a new radiator since so much steam is shooting out of it i also am having trouble locating where exactly the steam is coming from on the radiator
my radiator leaked a bunch of coolant real quick when i stopped my car at home and the engine is overheating bad and really fast i let it cool down and put more coolant and water in it and some stop leak just in case and its holding the fluid but my egine is still overheating and it doesn't seem like the coolant is going any where through the engine do you think it's the thermostat or a much bigger problem thanks .....lowdown
How do I go about evaluating my air conditioning system, It hasn't blown cold for quite a while. Are there resources at parts houses I can use to repair this? or can I get hoses repaired and then re install myself ?
I have an oil leak at the base of the distributor, I think it's an o-ring. What is the process to remove this distributor and fix the leak then replace the distributor
do i have to remove the fuel tank to replace the el pump
Car just dies. Won't turn over. They are telling me I have a loose connection somewhere, involving the alternator battery and starter. I check the battery cable and that was ok.
need to know what size line&how long brake lines from front to rear
if i idle the heater blows cold air but not all the time and it takes a long time for the heater to get warm but then it works great
I need to know how to put the speedometer back in the transmission and I cant figure out where it goes can anyone help me
How much should it cost to replace the heater core
after my car warms up, my heat only gets warm and sometimes blows out cold air. What could be the problem?
i was drivein my 1990 taurus sho herd a click noise its a 5 sp now the shifter moves freeley and 1st gear is eather 4th or 3rd no reverse i not sure what it could b dont thank the tranny but could b it has 100k on it ran great until this issue while in a gear the shifter is not locked in it just moves freely
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