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its hesitating , wants to stall some tell me its the throttle sensor and others say its due to the motor mount being broke
already changed 3 startes an nothing,they checked everything. and that noice never goes away, please tell me all tha it could be the problem, thanks.
The car bucks and kicks between 15 & 20 mph. Fuel filter changed, new cap and rotar replaced.
My 1990 Taurus 3.0 V6 has a problem of stalling/idling low. I have replaced the plugs and wires and a stuck Air Control Valve, but it still persists. I have gotten some people tell it could be Ignition Control Module, Pick up Coil and even the Ignition Coil. Any ideas as I am trying to keep from replacing parts unnecessarily.
When I drive 5miles or more, my speedometer quits working and rpm starts making a noise and doesn't allow me to go faster and every time I push on the gas my rpm gage goes up past 6-7. And when I slow down from 65 mph to 30mph it won't let me speed back up.
My car is actually a 1988 model. I have had trouble with my front drivers side wheel studs breaking off repeatedly in the last couple years. This happens while driving and the last 2 times while I was in parking lots turning slowly- causing me to break 4 of the 5 studs each on the last 2 occurrences. I have less than 150 miles between the last stud replacements and did have them replaced with new factory recommended parts. This only happens on the one front side. Today upon diving to the local market just over a mile away I had to slow way down and was concerned due to the vibrations and noises. Upon checking the wheel when arriving home I discovered one of the newly installed studs had broken off and the one directly across from it was only finger tight. What can be causing this????
when it finally gets warm or i hit a good bump orsmack area around glovebow everything works fine
also driving down the road the car just cut off and wont start for a few hours.I check the codes there's no codes its been tuned up and I had the fly wheel replaced recently. Battery n alternator is good
I replaced the battery when the old one died. Overnight, the new battery lost its charge. I had the car towed to my repairman who replaced the positive battery cable and completely charged the battery. It lost its charge overnight again.
can,t give you any thing more
the bottom one is warm and it dont seem like the fan is kick on but when i stick my code reader on it my fan kicks on with that
were does the fresh air for a/c unit enter cabin under hood ? i cant figure it out.
i'm building a all wheel drive buggy for off road use only.
It goes into gear but the speedometer will not register till the car warms up usually about 15 to 20 minutes, seems like you are in nuetral. Before it was just doing it once, now it slips back and forth when it comes to a stop. I have talked to a couple of mechanics and they say it may be a moderlator, or the transmission needs to be replace.
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