Q: ford say i need to replace the front upper control arms? on 2004 Ford Explorer

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what is the front upper control arms?
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The upper control arm is part of your front suspension - We would be more than happy to inspect them at no cost to see what needs to be replaced - if anything - and what the costs would be. Did they tell you why the control arms need replaced??? For instance the bushings were bad or the ball joint is bad?? Please give us a call for an appointment & we can get it looked at for you.
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The control arm is a suspension component that connects the frame to the spindle. This component generally has two bushings and a ball joint allowing for movement and pivoting. Generally the bushings deteriorate and/or crack causing a noise when turning or going over bumps. Also, the ball joint can become weak (generally from lack of lubrication) resulting in excessive wheel movement and noise. We do provide service and replacement if necessary of the required component(s) and would be happy to provide an estimate.
guess what i took the ford to aca and tell them that ford said need upper control arms replaced, the guy behind the counter say he give me an estimate which is reasonable 550 for 1 year warranty and 650 for 2 years warranty, i say can the technician come outside the shop the car was park outside the front door just to confirm that the parts i request is the right parts to replace, he say that will cost me 100 for diagnostic , so guess what i do. i left and will never go back.
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We will be more than happy to inspect the vehicle at no cost to you....we just request that you make an appointment. Thank You
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