2010 Ford Ranger Questions

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Last replacements lasted 3000 miles.
When I drive with the lights turned off it starts again fine.
If I boost it it also starts without any problem after running with the lights on.
Starts fine every time I run with the lights off, but the 2 times I've tested driving with my lights on it's like the alternator is not charging the battery.

When it doesn't start the interior and dash lights come on but the engine will not turn over and then starts clicking like a dead battery.
Once it is jumped seems to charge again fine and starts multiple times if the lights have not been turned on.
how often does my truck need oil changes
i have the tires every 5000 miles and i dont think its out of alinement because it drives ok it will hold a straight line when you let go of the steering wheel.
this problem with their ranger
We were going to purchase a 2010 Ford Ranger but it was about 1 inch lower on the drivers side than the passenger side. Ford said that was because the gas tank was full. Is that correct?
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