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my truck will not start and a warning light of a vehicle and a lock flash on the dash. After retrying to start it and waiting about 10 minutes it will start. This has happened twice in the last 2 wks. I would like to know what my truck is telling me.
First time this has occured. Light shows on dash, vehicle makes noise that it is in four wheel drive mode, but will not shut off. stopped vehicle, turned off vehicle, turned 4wheel drive button on and off, shifted to all drives, but will not change
09 Ford ranger 4x4 super Cab. When I turn the selector switch to 4 high or 4 low it doesn't do anything. It worked about a week ago. But now it doesn't.
engine sometimes runs like new and then just doesn't seem right...chiga chiga sound when idleing..take off oil cap and much air out of cap..engine only has 193000 miles on it I had a 97 ranger with 237000 and didn't use a drop of oil..i don't think the 2.3 I have now is as good a engine as the one in the 97..whhat do you think
noise most evident when idling.
I have bought 5 alternator's and a new battery and checked fuses and still yet the alternator does not work. Been broke down twiced along side of road and I am getting very angry about this truck. This has been going on for 3 months now.
Just wondering if I could take the compressor loose and sit it off to the side so I can remove the alternator. 2009 Ford Ranger 2.3L
cylinder cracked
Regardless of where the knob is, alli get is hot air. The A/C won't turn on either. Would that be the climate control module? Is there something I can look at myself to try to diagnose the issue?
does not do it all the time if i step on gas hard truck takes off and runes ok. Check engine light flashed on off for 1 to 2 min one time. have not had checked for any codes yet
I have been told that improper torque of the wheel lug nuts can warp the rotor. What is the proper torque?
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