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It has been pretty noticeable of late. I have had the shocks replaced, as well as ball joints, and bearings. I just had to put on new tires due to this and it still shimmies. this generally occurs between 40 and 45 mph, and of course on higher speeds. I know the truck does not ride like a Cadillac but I cannot afford the tires.
will sit for few minutes until all lights on dash come on & then vechicle will start,what is my solution to problem,when all lights on dash come on,have to turn ignition to off position & then to start,happens most every time i go to start vechile
driving with a/c on but not working then suddenly it starts working for a while then its stops working for a couple days then out of the blue it starts up again
I started hearing a squeaking or rattle coming from the rear almost like the exhaust pipe banging up against something. It only did it in 1st 2nd and 3rd mostly. But today I heard it in 4th and 5th. Then when shifting to 4th gear it sounded like I was bogging down and 5th gear was the same way. I was going 40-45 mph, you would have thought I was only doing 15. It settled when I reached about 55 but sounded rough. I have no idea what is going on, but I hope it's not the transmission going out. Any help would be appreciated!
changed coil pack,plugs,wire are 3 months old.code reads bad coil even after clearing. 132000 miles timing belt not changed could it be out? causing coil to be out of timing?
when I engage my turn indicator, front bulb blinks ok, but both back bulbs blink, same on left & right. the instrument panel lites flash 3 times then stay on.
Replaced alternator & battery but still only getting 11.5volts....checked all fuses...not broken or damaged...checked battery terminals & a loss any other ideas?
No previous warning signals before this problem manifested itself. With the gas pedal floored, the engines surges but does not die.
Can I put like 2010 or 2012 engine in a 2008 Ford ranger. Like will everything line up. I would like to get a newer engine with low mileage if I can to replace the old one.
Truck ran normally. When trying to restart turned key to run,lites came on, went to start, went totally dead. no warning lites, no door chime, no headlites/brake lites, however dome lite came on when door was opened. towed home. disconnected batt. connected charger to cables, turned the key to run,all indications normal. reconnected batt, set charger to boost/start. all I got was a clicking noise from under hood. have batt on slo charge but batt was at 12.67v. Where do I look next. Thanks
changed out spark plugs, wires, coil pack, fuel injector and now the camshaft position sensor. next will be the cam shaft synchronizer. but before i do so this misfiring problem is driving me nuts. it comes on an off. but seems like its a steady on now. anyways. when this problem first occurred i changed out the basics: spark plugs then wires, then the coil pack. ran the reader again and code still showed up with a stumble/ stumble misfire. shakey to the touch on the steering wheel. proceeded to change out the fuel injector next. cleared the code and drove for 50 miles and the light never came back on even though the computer was reading ready for emissions test. a few weeks later the light came back on. for awhile it was on and off, on and off(not while driving but after turning off ignition park for 5 mins and turn back on)... very intermittent. then now i changed the camshaft position sensor and waiting.... any other ideas what it can be? the truck is a 2008 ford ranger sport with a 3.0l engine. it currently has about 96XXX miles.. very well maintained with oil changes and such. im just at the end of my rope here and running out of funds to figure out this problem. i know ive read on forum boards and some say its the head gasket and some say its the head. all i know im out of a job and funds are running extra low trying to fix my money maker. please help with any information you can. thanks
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