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My 2007 Ford Ranger lower ball joint is bad the top is fine I'm replacing the lower so should I replace the top to
The repair shop I had my Ranger towed to after it overheated & quit running put a new radiator in then told me it was misfiring and probably had a blown head gasket. So instead of $600 I am now looking at $4500.??????
2007 ford ranger. I was in 4 hi and then went back 2wd and indicator will not go off. and i cant get into 4lo. Control module, Maybe?
check emgine light on codes imtermittent misfire cyls 1&2 plugs/wires/iac mod/pcv/tps replaced,also checked for vacuum leaks cleaned map sensor and intake manifold/trottle body. Vacuum check 18 to 20 lbs unsteady runs rough idle to 2000 rpm stumble in high gears under load runs fine at higher rpms poor gas milege Please help put this problem to rest.210,000 miles
been trying to resolve this issue for months seems like intermittint timing firing late have heard of other 4cyl balancer problems what do you know about it? whats your opinion?seems to happen at idle and at around 2ooo rpm range in higher gear codes are intermittent misfire 1&2 cyl runs fine at higher rpms Lets put this one to rest!
Possibly the drive line.
also the check engine comes. im really just concerned why the fuse keeps blowing out? it'll happen when im stopped at a light most of the time and has been doing this for the past 2 weeks. we have just kept buying the "10" automatic trans fuse and i have to keep pulling over and replacing that fuse and clear the check engine with my scanner. need serious help. it happened 5 times within a 15 minute period while i was taking/driving home from taking mom to work.
I could not get the engine restarted. eventually running the battery down. 160000 miles. I checked the fuel line check valve and there was fuel in the line. I checked the vin number, I do not (should not) have a timing belt. spark plugs were changed last year.. but the wires were not. this truck always started on the first or second turn of the ignition prior to this.
trouble starting first time every day. will some times not start even when warm / hot...good glow plugs. good battery, etc.. no diagnostic codes
I purchased the vehicle with the heater putting out hot air even when the knob was put on the coldest setting. I replaced the switch but it still continues and turning the knob to hotter makes no difference. I noticed two wiring harnesses in the engine compartment attached to the heater near the bottom of the heater are these sensors which control the vents?
Like the engine or the compressor is going to quit running
the heater only blows hot air. there is not a clicking noise
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