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Can you put it into 4wheel high while driving?
fills like the rear doors and pick up bed are lose ,vibration under drivers seat and dash board,i have changed new tyres ,shocks saway bar links and bushes and still vibrates.
front brake pad replacement
the repair shop has replaced the injectors, the main computer and did a repair on the cylinder head telling me the valve was bad. the repairs lasted about 3 weeks and it's acting the same as before. we have noticed that when we add Marvel Mystery oil to the gas it goes away, we have to do that every other tank full... got any ideas on the fix? I have 5 rangers and at some point they all act this way..
Dangerous when accelerating on snow and ice....the vehicle spins out on the road when it jumps out of 4wd into 2wd
I have over 60,000 miles and no troubles with the engine yet. Someone told me that timing belt breakage can cause extensive damage to an engine, but they didn't know if it was true for my Ranger.
and I have to unhook the battery to stop it. I don't go out everyday and afraid that it will run down the battery.
Have not been able to find a answer to the problem thus far online.

Help please,

Alice Huddleston
replaced cat with bolt on walker. all 4-02 sensors. sparkplugs and wires. cleared code and it comes back after driving 25 miles.I bought code reader with live data . but not sure of readings. what should normal readings be
My abs light is on and I notice that the truck makes a knocking sound when I turn from a stopped position The noise sounds like it is coming from the rear end but I'm not sure
when shift to reverse vehicle does not move. indicator lights at dash not working..
Starts fine, runs great under 60 mph, get over 60 and light comes on flashes and loose accerlation until light stops flashing. new plugs and wires installed. seems to use a little more gas than normal. Injectors?
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