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Popping noise while driving that seems to be coming from the front end, is felt in the steering and turns. Does it both at high and low speeds. When the truck picks up speed, the popping sound speeds up as well.
sounds like its stuck in low gear
sounds like it is in overdrive , straining
sounds like it is in overdrive , straining
What would cause bad shaking in the front end at 30mph and no brakes
Had the breaks checked and seem fine. What could be the issue?
Left head just replaced
Ok, he we go, i have my girlfriends 2005 ford ranger, 3.0 v6. I took it my friends shop where we changed the sparkplugs, wireset, and fuel filter. When we cranked it back on, all hell just broke loose. What's happening right now is that it's cranking on, it idles well, but when put into drive and driven, starts shaking and I hear popping noises, and clicking sounds, i accelerate to about 40, then the check engine starts flashing and it begins to slow it's self down. I've put the pedal all the way to the floor but it just won't go.. at a stop light, the engine is misfiring bad. When we placed a scanner on it, we got random misfires at start, misfire in cylinder 1 and 3, and something about system too lean bank one. We have changed the spark plugs again, the wireset again, the fuel filter again, we have replaced the throttle positioning sensor, we cleaned out the idle control valve, replaced injectors one and three, and 5 and 6, we have replaced intake manifold gasket, we have checked compression I believe, and I honestly don't know what else to do, spark plugs one and three had to be changed again because they were all black and burned, i mean, don't get me wrong, it turns on amazing now, with a misfire or two, but once it's placed into drive, and speeds of 30-45 are met, check engine blinks and popping and clicking begin until I let go of the pedal, then I press on again slowly, and the same will occur. Someone please help me. I don't have much money left to keep trying to figure this out.
When my A/c is working it needs to be turned down because it works well but I never know when it's going to work. Had it recharged last year & it worked Ok but this year it's become a problem especially in SC's heat. Any idea's.
i just replaced head gaskets in my 05 ford ranger 4.0 v6. but now all it will do is crank. when cranking it seems like its dying. fuel pump is brand new put in little over a month ago not driven much due to head gasket failure.
i have a 2005 4.0L v6 ford ranger. i have coolant leaking into my oil and have the milkshake type oil. i know i have a blown head gasket but cant fix them without dropping the engine. if i have to do that i was wandering if i should buy a new or used engine or could i get away with getting 2 new cylinder heads?
i have an 05 ford ranger and need to replace the head gasket. the question i have is do i have to pull the entire engine in order to remove the left side(if looking at it from the front). there is a chain on the back and im not sure if i can pull the head.
my truck has been leaking coolant for some time now. the mechanic that told me about it said that he couldnt see any visible leaks. i assumed it was the intake gaskets because the coolant was sitting on top of my head. after i had the intake gaskets replaced it still leaked. well recently now the engine light came on and started blinking, i lost power to the as if it was fighting for fuel but yet i have full tank. i have a massive cloud of white smoke that comes out of my exhaust. also my coolant reservoir bubbles when the engine gets hot. i had it pressure tested and the test did turn yellow is there any way to guarantee that its a blown gasket, or a cracked head. and is it possible for it to be a cracked block.
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