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i have disconnected the battery but that is only a temporary fix. replaced tps 4 times in the past 2 and a half yrs

Getting parts list together for the rear brakes on nephew's truck (not here at this time) But I see 9 inch and 10 inch drums, shoes, etc. I think I'm dealing with the 10inch. What's the popular size?

I have a 4x4 switch on dash.

Still stays in 4l. First time this has happened.

My radio randomly changes from cd to radio and when it changes to cd it then says there is a cd stuck in the thing

My truck is an automatic, at every stoplight or stop sign the idle gets very low then it stalls

I have changed the bulb but the headligh still will not turn on

There is picture in the manual, but no location.

engine poor performance code po352

sounds like the seat belt isn't attach that kind of sound and wont stop doesnt matter if its a long trip or short trip

I have recently baught a Ford Ranger and the sales person said it had a slight misfire in the 4th cylinder and it is fixable and they replaced the spark plugs and coils and it still is missing and vibrating. what could this be that's causing the misfiring and vibrations?

the transmission fluid is also leaking into the radiator and filling the overflow tank

This leak was causing antifreeze to get into the automatic transmission and the transmission fluid to get into the radiator and fill the collection tank. He is replacing the radiator and flushing the transmission. he told me the bill would be around $1200.00. is that a fair price?

i have a 2004 ranger and the ac was not getting that cold so i went and got some refrigerant r_134a put in the ac i had the gauge i got cold for about a hour the i started put hot air out