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Recently got myself a 2003 Ford Ranger for relatively cheap. Most everything runs fine, but the frame is completely rusted through almost everywhere. I know a replacement frame would be a few hundred dollars, but generally how much would it cost in labor to get the frame replaced? I'll be asking around for estimates tomorrow when everything's open, right now I'm trying to get some help online.
My AC doesn't blow cold. After auto shop checked all fuses and grounds, it was determined to be a faulty circuit. I was told it takes three hours to find it.
My heater stopped working in my Ford Ranger 2003 then all of a sudden the check engine light started blinking and it started running really rough I brought it into a guy who told me it’s only running on two cylinders and that I may have blown a gasket any advice can you help me with it’s just running really rough and the check engine light comes on intermittently and of course the heater doesn’t work anymore
Also it makes a bit of a screech noise when I go to start it
How do you disconnect door ajar light ?
The rectangular bracket that bolts to the drivers side chassis which the engine mount assembly attaches to is broken. It is not the motor mount unit, it is what the motor mount connects to that is attached to the frame. What is it exactly called and where do I find one?
Ranger 2003 3.0 engine
What seems to make the problem better or worse? never changes
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
No matter what setting you put in on still blows to windshield
the only issue we had with it before is that it would lose power on inclines
It is going to be lifted 3¨
The noise was more evident as I accelerator it. I changed the synchronizer shaft, but the noise is still there.
flex fuel ranger 3.0 this problem is intermitant, i can drive fifty miles with no problems, but if i drive (cold engine)say to the post office two minutes one way, coming back the check engine light will come on, i think its a fuel trim problem but not sure whats causing it.
So far i have replaced...spark plugs...wires..used MAF...02 sensors (3)..plastic intake o vac leaks....crank breather hose ok..engine runs smooth, no problems 146,000 miles...cylinder heads were replaced 125,000 miles by PO
Cant move vehicle. ..have to turn vehicle off to swtch gears
My 03 Ranger with a 2.3 liter keeps leaking oil. The oil seems to build up at the exhaust manifold. Had a new value cover gasket installed but it keeps leaking
When I give it gas it Boggs down an runs bad. But when pick up speed it starts running little better. Overdrive light keeps flashing. Real hard to start
When gas is aplied boggs down an bucks but as i pick up speed it stops bucking an runs a little better..if i aplie gas slowly it want buck. An transmission want shift.i have to take off in low gear
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