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All new plugs wire,s coil, used fuel pump good pressure,neutral park rev limit maybe 250,000 no oil use runs perfect most time ,checked all sensors unplugged map won't die,unplug throttle won't die whut,s up
I was driving home approx 20 highway miles had the ac on approx 10 miles into the trip the truck loss power felt like it had quit I looked at the gauges and saw all the gauges had sprung all the way to the top side of all the gauges the check engine light was on as well. I pulled off at the exit as I was exiting I felt that the truck was still running but with very little power I pulled off on to a dirt shoulder cut the truck off I then turned the key all the way just short of starting it just to check the gauges they all went back down check engine light was off started the truck up all the gauges read normal. drove the truck another 13 miles home. It keeps boiling over from the over flow gauge shows normal every time what is wrong with my truck? replaced so many things under this hood I do not know what I could be missing need some help. thank you. dragstrip.
missing, engine light on, bad fuel mileage runs horrible.have done plugs,wires,fuel filter ran fuel pressure check, replaced fuel injectors,throttle sensor,pcv,upper intake manifold gaskets,cataylic due to it got red hot and raw fuel was going into them, ran sea foam in fuel.
what things do I need to put back in to fix it I got airbags
No power left side of engine manifold turns red when u push down on pedal u have no power at all to pass
Auto parts counter person said it could be a vacuum leak- code p1537
Has new front axels and the u-joint on the front drive shaft seems ok. Can hear the tick come and go when switching between 2wd and 4wd. Tick speeds up and down with speed of travel.
Ac blowing hot air keep adjusting hot cold knob then finally a good rap on top of dash then I get cold air
Just got tune up, change gas filter, new electronic distributor. ... now truck pings when it warms up. Any suggestions.
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