2001 Ford Ranger Questions

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Blew heater hose on Ranger, truck gradually lost power, then would not start. Motor turns over. Pulled spark plug wires on coil pack and it had moisture accumulated in plug hose. Could high temperature or high steam temperature cause coil pack failure?
It won't go in 4 wheel drive at times, the light flickers comes on and goes out.
4x4 does not engage i replaced the module switch and transfer case motor already. Try it no light no sound and it worked the other day,just nothing now
Theft light blinks fast
is this some kind of warning or nothin to worry about
Oil gage jumping. Why will it do that
jumped from normal set up 1/4 back to normal back up 1/4 then back to normal it only done it one time so far
it jumps from normal range up about 1/4 way then back to normal then did it again ????
I can't find a lever to adjust it with. And if it doesn't, can the steering wheel height be re-positioned another way? The steering wheel is to low. Thanks.
has a jerking feeling when going up hill or accelerating sometimes but not always
dash switch and switch out under the hood relays. Seems no power to anything when checked with a test light.
When you accelerate you lose power
Has been doing it for awhile
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