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has a jerking feeling when going up hill or accelerating sometimes but not always

dash switch and switch out under the hood relays. Seems no power to anything when checked with a test light.

When you accelerate you lose power

Has been doing it for awhile

6 ft super cab

Its leaking antifreeze near the thermostat housing and its puddling up behind it what's wrong?

bad and I need a new engine $5,749.00. I took it back to the dealer who I bought it from and they said it doesn't need a new engine, (OF COURSE THEY DON'T WANT TO SPEND ANY OF THEIR OWN MONEY). I really don't know who to believe or what to do next. With this type of problem do you think a new engine is necessary?

Recently my interior climate control fan stopped working. Turn the switch, nothing happens, on any speed. OK..
I went through and replaced all the major culprits.. a new blower motor, new blower resistor & harness, and new blower relay. Wouldn't you know, still nothing. What possibilities are left? I was wondering if the switch itself (in the dash) can go bad.. I don't get this. Great timing in the summer heat!

Need help I'm at a lost.

Cost to replace fuel pump on 4.0 engine

its only when I'm facing up a hill just noticed right now went to park facing up a hill and the dash and parking lights wouldn't go off? Turned around and faced down the hill and they went off just fine? I'm tripping man what the fuck?

PO 743,750,755,760,765,and PO 1747,1451,PO135,PO141. The small time dealer says it is not Trany problem ! This truck will not move in drive, it only has reverse,and my son didn't even get to drive it to get an inspection done ! Due to this problem ! I checked out this website which is very good with lots of info, but this dealer is giving us a run around ! My son paid $ 1,300 for this truck. If dealer don't fix right ! then we want money back! or it is off to Court we go ! Thanks for letting me vent !