1999 Ford Ranger Questions

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It only runs on high it is not the switch inside all i get is high
After it goes out temp and oil gages read normal
When brake pedal is engaged while braking it does not disegage it self when you let off the brake. What could the problem be??
It doesn't do it unless it sits for a couple of hours and when I press the clutch it makes a loud ticking noise and it gets faster as I go faster
alt. tested ok power comes back up when I let off the gas.
and installation
need cost for the engine and installation
Last 3 months about twice month notice braking hard would feel like engine wanted to shut off but releasing brake would keep that from happening.
Antitheft light blinks fast wen attempting to start then wit key on seems like theft signal gives a code 16
This happens when I start out and after about twenty minutes on the road.
all this is after I start truck
It clicks in and out of gear.
If I go slower or faster then 55mph it doesn't shake
Corrosion on my battery terminals
starts and motor runs,check gauged light came on motor rattled and stoped
the truck ran and steam was coming out the driver side of the engine. When water was poured in it it went right out the bottom of the engine.
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