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ive got my truck that has a mind of its own. speed domoter goes crazy moves up and down then transmission starts slipping. the slipping only happens after the speed dometer goes crazy. ive replaced the fluid the filter the speed sensor. just not sure what else to do need help. cant drive far some days it works fine and others it acts up. took it in to a shop they said it didnt do anything and thye charged me 160 bucks. any ideas would help thanks.
Changed flasher same problem
we have located fuse box and put new brake lights in
abs light is on amber drove it around the block brakes lock up and you can't move.
I took the starter back off and tested it and it works and reinstalled and it still will not do anything and still pops the 50amp fuse
the straps have rusted and gas tank is hanging 3" from the ground
does not blow out coolant.
it blinks in a sequince of six times every so often
Got brand new starter and have changed ignition switch anstill doing same thing
I have a set of 07 ford freestyle wheels that I want to put on my 98 2wd ranger but the hub center of my wheels are bigger so my question is will wheel spacers fix this issue
I replace the starter with another starter because it first one burned up is that in this is it in the starter switch or the the Tumblr
It comes out of that when I hit the brakes. Could this be the rear axel?
They both are Ford ranger but one a stick shift
It's like the old shifting modules in the old cars is not working
the noise is louder (or accompanied with) when turning; just noticed some squealing when making a turn into parking space; the high pitched humming (higher and lower with engine speed) seems louder when engine warm, 5 speed manual, engine light on continuously
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