1997 Ford Ranger Questions

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Does anyone know what size disconnect I need to remove the fuel filter? I heard there are two sizes, 3/8" or 5/16".

have gas to the fuel filter but not to the engine

New plugs wires injectors. Fuel at rail and plugs have spark. What fires injectors and how do I check? I have all tools and test equipment just no knowledge on injectors

I have a high idle whenever my HVAC is in the AC or defrost position. About 10 seconds after coming to a stop it will slowly begin to idle down. The rpm's doesn't drop while shifting. I have cleaned the IAC valve, MAF sensor and throttle body. Any suggestions?

I plan on cleaning the throttle body. Is it necessary to completely remove the TB or can I clean the butterfly and plate without removing it?

Can't get gas to pump into gas tank. Is there a recall on filler necks?

For tailgate

Check engine light came on it kept stalling but after letting it warm up it would drive fine. After 2 weeks it just seized when I put it in drive bought this truck and there is brand new transmission fluid in it has 180000 miles do you think I need a rebuilt granny and if so how much an I looking at thanks

I replaced the factory bulbs with leds in my instrument cluster and climate control panel. They are all 194 bulbs. The leds work fine in the cluster but not at all in the control panel. I reversed the bulb 180 degrees to make sure I had the right polarity. Still nothing. I had to put the factory bulbs back in the control panel. Any suggestions?

Does anyone know how to reset the check engine light?

Does anyone know what size bulb is used for the check engine light? It's smaller than the instrument panel light.

Is there any additives I can add to my power steering pump to quieten it. I heard lubegard might help. Any expert opinions?