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1995 ford ranger 5 speed. I don't see any leaks as of right now. It very slowly went up to 3/4 of the way and I shut if off. Cooled down in about 5-10 minutes. When I shut it off it was making a rumbling maybe gurgling noise sounded like it was coming from the low right infront of the passenger dash .I don't know to much about vehicles my friend will look at it here soon but I'm just trying to help figure out the cause a little quicker. Previous owner said to have changed the thermostat just 2 weeks prior to buying it 1 week ago. Thank you for the I'll in advance.
And we bought new fuel pump and can Gerard it what could be roun please help
I have no clutch peddle
I will be replacing my power steering pump this weekend. Right now it has Pennzoil ATF in it which states it is compatible with Dextron and Mercon applications. I was planning on using Mercon V but have heard Mercon and Mercon V aren't compatible together. Does anyone have any suggestions on this?
I have 45psi on the low side gauge/
Does anyone know how to quieten the whine of a power steering pump? I have flushed and refilled the fluid. Added Lucas PS additive, still have the whine. The only reason I haven't replaced it is because I've heard even the new ones whine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have what I believe to be a bad ac compressor pulley. It chirps whenever idling but stops when the compressor is engaged. The guy at the parts store said it could be the idler pulley and when the compressor is engaged it puts pressure on it causing the chirping to stop. The ac hasn't worked in 3 years. Just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions.
Gravity bleeding alone is not working
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I have trouble code P1443. Could this possibly be the purge valve? If so, is there anyway I can clean it before I buy a new one. I have a 97 Ranger XLT 2.3L.
The truck acts like it's trying to run hot with in 8 miles pressure on cap
Does anyone know what size disconnect I need to remove the fuel filter? I heard there are two sizes, 3/8" or 5/16".
have gas to the fuel filter but not to the engine
New plugs wires injectors. Fuel at rail and plugs have spark. What fires injectors and how do I check? I have all tools and test equipment just no knowledge on injectors
I have a high idle whenever my HVAC is in the AC or defrost position. About 10 seconds after coming to a stop it will slowly begin to idle down. The rpm's doesn't drop while shifting. I have cleaned the IAC valve, MAF sensor and throttle body. Any suggestions?
I plan on cleaning the throttle body. Is it necessary to completely remove the TB or can I clean the butterfly and plate without removing it?
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