my engine was running good until the timing belt broke, the belt has been replaced but engine will not start .

Usually happens after turning a corner. Brake light sometimes also come on briefly.

Doing complete clutch replacement. My dads ranger was slated for California and has the bigger spicer drivetrain w/ 4.10 gears. Noticed there are different bore sizes for slave cylinder. Can anyone please tell me what slave cylinder I will need for this replacement. Thank you!

when engine starts get a beeping sound 3 or 4 times and stops. what can the problem be?

When I crank my truck it will beep 25 times in increments of 5. It will make the same noise if the truck has been running for 45 minutes. Why?

I was at a store and when i left it felt like my back right tire was flat so I oulled over and put in in park, I got out and checked it and it wasnt it, I kept driving and the whole back side was shaking like if i had a flat tire, I came to a stop sign and after I crossed the street It sounded like the tire blowed out, I put it in park again and ckecked the tire and it was fine So i went to drive and I put it in gear and the RPM was going up but the truck wouldnt move. it bearly moved on 5/6 RMPS, What would it be?

The filler hose neck is dry rotted. I was told one is around 200 and the labor about a hundred. The fuel tank indicated is out as well. Not sure on the cost.Is there a cheaper way to fix. I Google it and found a website with hoses a lot less expensive....

No matter what temperature I set it on, it will only blow hot & cold air. It is winter time so I'm assuming thsts just the air from outside. Even when I put the switch on only vents or only defrost, it still comes out of the floor. Help!!!

I was having problems with my clutch, when you stepped on the peddle it made a grinding noise and was very hard to get it in gear. So I bought a new clutch kit plus a new slave cylinder and replaced them. Everything worked great the first 2 times I drove the truck, but the next time I drove it I started having problems. When I would step on the clutch sometimes there would be a rubbing/ grinding noise and when I shifted into the next gear it would grind a little bit on the way in. So I brought it back in the garage and completely bled the clutch. The next time I drove it everything worked great, the peddle felt perfect, for the first 5 times I ran through the gears. Then the old problem started again, with the rubbing noise when I stepped on the peddle and a little grinding when I go into gear. I am not sure what it could be, the only thing I didn't replace was the pilot bearing and I don't know for sure if that is the problem. Im looking for any ideas I can get before I pull the transmission back out. please help!

I was still having problems after I replaced the clutch and slave cylinder in my ranger. sometimes there was a grinding noise when I stepped on the clutch and it would grind a little going into gear. you suggest that I bleed the system before doing anything else, I just bled it and it didn't seem to have any air in the lines. I took it for a ride and its still doing the same thing. Is it safe to say its prob the pilot bearing? or is there somewhere else I should be looking?

I just replaced the clutch in my ranger, I replaced the main clutch componets pressure plate and etc, and the slave cylinder. Everything went smooth and the clutch was working great, but it was my first time installing a clutch and I got so caught up in making sure I installed that right that I completely forgot to replace the pilot bearing. My clutch working great for the first couple miles but now I am starting to hear some rubbing when I step on the clutch and occasionally it grinds a little going into 3rd and fourth gear. I am just wondering if I should start looking at other things, or is did I screw up and the pilot bearing is most likely the problem. I king of think that is the problem but would love a second opinion.

what kind of transmission fluid goes into my 4 cyl 2 wheel drive manual transmission? was told mercon v atf tranny fluid, but wanted to make sure.