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I noticed out on the road every now and then it would jerk once or twice. In the past 3 days a lil bit of a rough idle but driving around a mile or two it has started BUCKING very hard not like it will die but just a bad bucking and jerking can a loose plug wire cause this to happen. It dos not pop or anything. Plus it started doing it so bad immediately after putting gas in my tank I mean all i did was start it up went about two feet then it bucked all the way home 2 miles. after leaving home I went to my moms 2 miles it did not buck at all. Today I went to store a mile away bucked a coupl.e times. went to walmart and back to my moms about 3/4 of mile from my moms it started bucking really BAD What can be the cause of this
its consistent the air I replaced and it worked for about three weeks then quite then no high beams replaced switch in column did not help went to scan for codes no power there to
I have a 1996 ford ranger (4.0) 5 speed. Every fall/winter when it gets cold I hear a thumping noise when I start my truck. It never happens in the spring or summer. When I start up the truck sit idle, it thumps.

How long have you had this problem? 2 days
I pulled up to a friends house it ran great, i go to leave and its running so rough i cant even get down the street. Its backfiring thru the intake and the exhaust it coughs and sputters, absolutely no acceleration and then it dies. Its undriveable. I replaced the wires and plugs cleaned the MAF sensor and im about to put a new filter on. Seems to idle ok sometimes, until i put the manual trans into gear then it wants to die...sometimes i can keep it going by pumping the gas, litely pushing the gas or just keeping the gas pressed down to the floor. Othertimes it wont even idle just starts coughs sputters backfires and dies. I been having to take the bus to work and i really need to figure this out and get it resolved as its my only vehicle. Any help? Many thx.
my engine was running good until the timing belt broke, the belt has been replaced but engine will not start .
Usually happens after turning a corner. Brake light sometimes also come on briefly.
Doing complete clutch replacement. My dads ranger was slated for California and has the bigger spicer drivetrain w/ 4.10 gears. Noticed there are different bore sizes for slave cylinder. Can anyone please tell me what slave cylinder I will need for this replacement. Thank you!
when engine starts get a beeping sound 3 or 4 times and stops. what can the problem be?
When I crank my truck it will beep 25 times in increments of 5. It will make the same noise if the truck has been running for 45 minutes. Why?
I was at a store and when i left it felt like my back right tire was flat so I oulled over and put in in park, I got out and checked it and it wasnt it, I kept driving and the whole back side was shaking like if i had a flat tire, I came to a stop sign and after I crossed the street It sounded like the tire blowed out, I put it in park again and ckecked the tire and it was fine So i went to drive and I put it in gear and the RPM was going up but the truck wouldnt move. it bearly moved on 5/6 RMPS, What would it be?
The filler hose neck is dry rotted. I was told one is around 200 and the labor about a hundred. The fuel tank indicated is out as well. Not sure on the cost.Is there a cheaper way to fix. I Google it and found a website with hoses a lot less expensive....
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