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The axle don't engage to the wheels
My Ford Ranger 1994 truck engine will turn over but it will not start wait an hour and it will start perfect.
It just died going down the road! It still has battery power cause the headlights come on but when i turn the switch, nothing! No click, no nothing!
Acts like not running on all cylinders on accelleration. Sometimes, but not too often stalls when first taking off. Also had codes 111 and 176.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Sometimes letting off throttle alittle when accellerating then getting back into it will smooth it out. Also runs better after fueling up, as if opening the fuel cap makes a difference.
How long have you had this problem? a couple weeks
Lost key to truck for over 10 years now - I need to change keys - I cannot release for key core - how do I get it out - in fact there is not a 1/8 hole to push. Help
How long have you had this problem? Over 10 years
How to set the timing on a 1994 ford ranger
Replaced IAC, TPS, CTS, ICM, cleaned throttle body and MAF. Smoke tested.
No codes. Dealer said IAC needs to be motocraft, but part obsolete.
this can occur while driving I have not had it happen right after driving and it just started
need to test fuel pump pressure but the valve I found is smaller than any adapters I have
My truck bucks when driving it has had poor gas mileage and hesitation and loss of power issues. I have replaced starter, cleaned mass air flow sensor, changed spark plugs and wires, changed distributor cap an rotor, checked timing, compression, and still having
Knocking and popping noise and I feel it through the floor boards. Sounds like metal to metal
Making a knocking sound and feeling when accelerating.
Its a high pitched squeal when I start my truck and it will continue until I get going. It will occasionally do it when I turn the wheel and even when I stop sometimes. Its a manual, 4 speed. I'm thinking its the fan belt or the throw-out bearing. PLEASE HELP.
Auto- electric and my mechanic did not find what was draining the battery
repld computer w/rebuilt, new intank fuel pump/strainer-3yrs old. 175k miles. Starts ok.
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