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Just changed the radiator today. Put coolant in to see if anything was leaking. Transmission fluid was leaking from radiator top and bottom. So I put piping tape on it.and it stopped leaking. So I cranked it up and the temperature started fluctuating up and down. Even when I was driving to see if it would continue to leak.
96 has coil pack 93
will a computer from a 1993 ranger 4.0 streight shift work in a 1993 ranger 4.0 straight shift will I have to have anything changed
Check engine light is on.
My truck is only going backwards

Have 93ford ranger starter is chewing up flywheel on number three what's going on
I've changed the TPS sensor idle bypass valve fuel filter and pump spark plugs and wires. Oxygen sensor has been changed.
Just bought it and have no clue. They are a red and a green plastic toggle switches. On the drivers side, on the lower dash to the left of the steering wheel. Was thinking fog lights and rear lights for the bed, but nothing, could be just burned out or not working. Just wondering what they are for.
and what does it look like where can i buy one what is the ford part number
The engine stalls when coming to a stop or turning.
Engine restarts with no problem.
Each time it pops, the vehicle hesitates.
occurs only at certain RPM. Accelerating or decelerating. Took to a shop and they said there were rocks in a protective pan. They removed them but ratlle is still there. Truck has 65K original miles
I was going to test it in inches guys way too much slack on 3rd gear and 4th gear any suggestions what I might have done wrong.
It's a 30 amp fuse
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