How to install brake master cylinder and properly bleed brake system for 1992 does rangerwith an automatic transmission 2 wheel drive 4.0 liter engine? Thank you.

Ive changed plugs and new fuel pump it sat for 5years

1992 Ranger Ext cab 2wd. We are 2nd owners. 176K mi. ~ out of nowhere, my son was driving to work, he called to say the "rear end" sounded odd? I had driven it all wk, no prob? Then later, after parked for 8hrs, it RATTLES & CLANKS@any acceleration. Driving it vibrates & sounds like noise is coming from the rear. Outside it sounds like LOUD BB's & clanking metal?

truck loses power when accelerating

So I replaced the resistor still the blower motor will not come on the switch feels stripped. It does not work for ac or heat. It's been tested and should be working? What wrong.I could use a diagram of this system and the fuses that control it could be that ora faulty switch maybe?

I can turn on a.c. while driving and engine loses power immediately. Turn off a.c. while driving it gains power but not as fast as it loses it when a.c. turned on

once starts it stumbles really bad and backfires. I also have a MAF code.