1992 Ford Ranger Questions

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when I first start 1992 ford ranger 3.0 v-6 and start driving out of neighborhood about 1/2 mile away truck feels as if it goes into neutral and wont go forward then it dies. After 5-7 minutes it restarts and does alright. This has happened 3 times in a row so I dont drive it far but within 5-10 miles seems to do fine any help would be greatly appriciated Thanks in advance
fuel guage started pegging full every time key is turned on then it slowly drops to about or close to normal over 10 minutes of driving.
Put new fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator fuel filter map sensor ignition module still stalls
Heat hand had not working looking for heat sensor on motor
My brakes have been check, have plenty of brake fluid
Truck won't start acks bound up after putting tranny back in
had truck on jack stands a started truck...put in neutral while truck was running...rear wheels started spinning...what would cause this and how do I fix it please?...rear wheels shouldn't turn while in neutral with motor running...
[new clutch and slave just put in]
when I put shifter back in the wheels are turning while motor is running and shifter is supposedly in neutral...wheels won't turn in any supposedly gear while motor is running...if I let out clutch while supposedly in a gear motor bogs down and cuts do I fix this please?
It happens every time I drive it
How to install brake master cylinder and properly bleed brake system for 1992 does rangerwith an automatic transmission 2 wheel drive 4.0 liter engine? Thank you.
Ive changed plugs and new fuel pump it sat for 5years
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