1991 Ford Ranger Questions

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Idle to high on 1991 ford ranger xlt what could the problem be
It sounds like keys jingling.both sides.all bushings and parts in frontend are new .when you go over bump it jingles.please help
Can't pin point why want go in
Once truck is cranked it ll crank easy after that just has no pier and bogs down when I give it gas
If u hold pedal to floor it stalls and pops and cracks till it dies
Only getting 6.7 volts
I was driving and when i stopped and put the vehicle in park, and tried to put it in drive again to leave but the truck wouldn't drive. The truck had only the reverse gear. what are some causes and possible solutions?
it is an automatic transmission.
i was having problems with my truck not moving when putting it in gear. i pulled the transmission and found no pads on the pressure side of the clutch. i also found a lot of play in the input shaft of the transmission. should there be any play in the input shaft?
if i punch it some times it will go but most of the time it just dies i pull over and try and start it some times it will some times it wont
What would cause these two codes to appear, and where are these sensors located?
when I decelerate quickly it pops out of overdrive
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