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After running for awhile and the engine gets warm truck cuts off when put in reverse.
90 ford ranger no start fuel delivery problem. Will temporarily start with start fluid. But with switch off check engine and batt light stay on.
Automatic choke kicks out after starting (when cold), won't stay on. It also won't shift into 4th gear & idles low.
TPS is ok.
Truck turns over but won't start, no fire and I don't hear fuel pump kicking pn
My truck is loud and it shakes. We replaced the air filter, fuel filter, plugs and wires. I added seafoam to the gas tank and nothing is helping. I have to keep my foot on the gas at all times or it dies. It doesn't go over 15 mph 95% of the time. What else could be wrong with it?
Engine starts fine, under load it bogs and hesitates.when heavy acceleration, engine missfires. Spark plugs get carbon fouled.
I've got anot her 2.3 for my 86 ranger, sill the old school 4 plug setup... engine had been changed over to carborated, now switched back to efi, had points installed but is now electronic distributor... can get engine to run but have to hold throttle open to get it to do anything. Timing has been set correctly and has fire on all plugs, but still missing on one cylinder... has all new fuel system including lines all the way up to the rail, has new tps, mass airflow, coil, and entire distributor has been rebuilt, but still can't get it to run correctly... any suggestions?
replaced cable ends,checked wires.battery is old but is holding 12.80 volts.
Starts right up but misses no. 5 cylinder has lots of fuel in it.
When starting out, the transmission won't shift into gear until the rpms are high
My 1983 2.3L carb ranger has white smoke and it idles very rough. I'm NOT entirely sure what is wrong with it. Has anyone experience these problems before with their ranger? I would be greatly appreciated for any help.
Truck is 86 ranger 2.3. Has full tune up on the vehicle and idles perfectly, but while driving if I press the gas too far down (over 1/4 pedal) or if rpms get above 3000 it jumps bucks spits and loses almost all forward momentum. And has a horrible time trying to climb a hill. This is every time i drive it and its a struggle to get it above 50 mph. Also which type of TPS would this truck need? Also not sure if it is original engine or not but is the 4 plug version fuel injected. Also has all new fuel system including but not limited to tank filter pump sending unit and lines. Thanks in advance
My truck won't hold a charge when I took it to AutoZone and have them hook up the machine to check my alternator it's right there machine out and the guy said it must be a wiring problem he didn't know what to do I also had a battery cable melt off the battery why would it do that but it will not hold a charge is my alternator bad or is a solenoid or is it just bad wiring
I took it to AutoZone they tested my battery and said it was fine I took it back to have them test my alternator they're making up to it answer machine free so the guy said there's gotta be some faulty wiring somewhere so now it won't hold a charge and I'm constantly jump-starting or push starting it now my starter is starting to move around make a loud noise what can I do to figure out this problem do I need a new alternator do I have to take it to a shop and have them figure out what's wrong with my wiring
I flushed it out 4 times. changed radiator and thermostat 2 times.overheats within 5 to 10 minutes. it ends up filling overflow and boiling to a hot enough temp to were it is boiling.
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