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Car Sparks but won't start on my 97 Ford probe gt 2.5
It worked fine before I changed the fans now it just won't come on
what could be wrong also after driving some when u shut it off it wont crank for awhile.then u can push gas to floor and it will crank
Probe GT started with a metal on metal noise under the hood, had a guy look at it today and he said the flywheel looks good, runs true, but the bolts are rubbing on the engine block. Noise goes away when driving. Any suggestions?
I can smell it after the car has been running. Also i have a rattling noise coming from near my timing belt. How would i fix these?
i have a 1997 ford probe gt and its missing the emergancy light switch and also the steering wheel adjustment lever and i need to know where i can find either of those two.
fuel pump replacement
The part I was sold is LX241. I cannot find it anywhere in the engine compartment. This car has a distributor and the coil is mounted on the drivers side.
it was pouring down i drove home with no wipers no heater no radio and no eletric windows when i got home turned ignition off and back on again and everything worked again but the engine would,nt turnover not even a click absolutely baffled me. any ideas what it could be thanks
Bought a ford probe not running. Guy we bought it from thought it was the distributer cap and rotor so we replaced those two. We also replaced the crank shaft position sensor and we have a fat spark so we know its not the sensor. There is pressure in the fuel line so we don't think its a fuel problem. Spark plugs were also replaced. We are exasperated with this car. Any help?
car cranks but no click or hum from pump.
This car Is Man Was Running Beautifully until one day no spark at all, so new coil, and crank angle sensor in the Dist, New C/A sensor at front Crank. New Oxygen sensors,New Plugs & Leads, In car Injector Flush,New Air Flow Meter, New Coolant Ecu Sender, And Still as soon as you push accel moderately the engine hesitates Back fires, then will rev smoothly under 3000 rpm onwards but if you bury the acc it dies and backfires.
Its Had the fuel pressure reg checked, injectors replaced, ant tested.
first codes i got were
Te coolant temp sender ect been solved. as the sensor was cracked at top, new replacement put in.
cleared codes and none codes commimng up at present.
not sure if there is a way to reset the idle sensor in this car or if the problem is more major and i can fix it before it gets worse please help!
it just wont turn over
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