1992 Ford Probe Questions

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All of the other lights(head lights, turn signals) work except the brake lights and tail lights. I replaced bulbs, checked fuses.
previous owner had the whole console taken apart and shifter too
I noticed it on my way to work. it is like this all the time
My Probe stalls after about 20-30 minutes of driving. No coughing, missing, no warning, just shuts off like the key was turned off. Seems heat related. Runs great until it reaches this point, whatever it is causing it to die. Have replaced temp. sensor switch, fuel filter, coolant fan switch, coil wire. Thought it only happened with AC on at first, but no, did it to me without AC on. Once this happens, it will not restart until it has sat for awhile, like an hour. Then starts right up and runs like a champ until reaches that point again and just shuts off.

When first bought few weeks ago, wouldn't pass smog. Diagnosis was temperature sensor switch. Said it had "open loop" and dumping excess fuel causing gross polluter emission readings. Temp switch replaced, passed smog with great numbers, well below requirements.

I know it probably needs professional electrical and fuel system diagnosis, but want to try all I can before I go pay too much in case it is something I can fix.
it wont start unless i hold the gas to the floor then it starts but chugs then soothes out and runs fine happens periodically not all the time new cap,rotor,wires,tps was going to replace the fuel filter but the only filter is in the tank and is part of the pump im at a loss please help will try anything im getting fed up with it.
There is a knocking when the car is put into gear. wether its moving or not. any ideas?
my 1992 ford probe 2.2 wont stay running. It starts fast but only runs for about 5 sec then dies. The check engine light is on.Any RPM's I give it, it will only stay running a few sec
no forward gears
no forward gears with man shift button off only low with man shift on man shift light flashes on forward gears at all man shift light is on not flashing low gear is solid acts like it low on fluid kicks in and out of gear reverse is solid man shift button on or off
2.2L 5 speed my car will barely move in any of the forward gears, it will move some in reverse, but not like it should
it's like the clutch is not engaging with the tranny
my battery is not holding a charge. It is not very old. my altinater I think is OK. is testing almost 13v. I think it might poss be some kind of elec short.
Is there a way to check for shorts without testers, because I dont have one.
I'll get one if ness
My engain is not running smoth. It idel go up and down and will stall out. The plugs are new and burning fine. Is this in the timing or poss vaccum leak
my shoulder seatbelts are not retracting. Its making noise as if its trying to lock in. Is this a easy repair
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