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I Have problem with finding parts for my Ford Probe I 2.2 GT Turbo 1991.
Can somebody help me please.
I need drive shafts and lots of rear axle parts..
I live in Ireland, Galway.
Big respect for this man who help me with Headlights problem..
Thanks Cheers
My headlights get up but don't want to turn on light...?
i am going to change the steering wheel, nut i need to know if it has an airbag.
car has performed perfect now problems, just shut it off and the next morning tried to start it and let it warm up would not start. engine turns over just fine,seems as though it is not firing.
took plugs out turned it over and there was coolent coming out were the plugs go
What's the easiest way to rep. pass. side restraint? It's stuck in halfway pos. and I don't know where or how to start. Any suggestions? Stick the car where?? In the shop? No thanx!
I have a 1991 Probe GL with 253 K miles ( LOVE my car) and the seat belt finally got stuck for good, on passenger side . Am I still eligible for the recall repair that I noted on your website, or is it a bit late? Would like to know before I start attempting repairs myself.
the pasenger front tire is squeaking but the breaks are good, i pulled the tire and breaks off and turned the rotor and it was squeaking?
my brothers car stalled and would not start, I found when I pulled the distributor cap off it was not turning so I pulled the timing belt cover off and found the pulley bolt broken. I found this after he tried push starting , he said it was running fine then stalled at a red light, ran the battery dead trying to start car and had someone try to push start the manual transmission car, is there going to be piston or valve damage now? is this a problem anyone else has heard of? please tell me if I should start looking for a used engine or is it salvageable?
All of the lights except for the head lights stoppped working and cant find a reason why?
how do I fix a climate control system when the heater is not heating at all, and the fan control switch only works on the highest setting (setting 4), the compressor only comes on when the fan switch is on anything other than the working setting (the highest: 4) so the A/C doesn't work... the parts all work individually but not together at all... need help, is it electrical? A relay problem?
Hi, 1991 ford probe here i need some help with. car turns over but wont start, new fuel pump,new relay,and inertia switch seems fine.pump works when jumped.found a couple blown fuses under dash -replaced,there was a wire under back seat going to fuel pump that had 2 more blown fuses,bypassed it for now,now all looks good but pump will not come on...any help?
After making hard turns it dosen't repond to the excelerater. I want to use the car for SOLO compititions and I can't get it to accelerate out of the corners
Thank You
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