1990 Ford Probe Questions

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I need to know what will interchange with the fuel pump on my 89 Ford Probe
It's part number is 12A581 C175
I fix the rollers already but nothing happen it still shaking every 3 to 5 seconds.
the light works fine and the passenger side is fine their is a crack in the bumper that happened before i bought her
When its on neutral and I try to shift to 1st gear to second gear the clutch pedal gets stock and won't let me shift. I ha e to turn the car of to take it up again also this happens when I am reversing. How can I fix this? Help please.
I turned on my heater a week ago and it is not putting out the heat that it did before -- I see that my temperature gauge is not coming up to normal temperature range even if I drive it for an extended period
I want to know how muc would it cost to fix my car transmission. I cant go faster than 55 miles ph. So what all i need to do to get my car back up an running again.
The heater blows out cold air instead of hot air. I've changed the thermostat. My car also overheats. What could it be?
Can you explain how to replace the front axles on my 1990 ford probe? Also approx. how long it should take? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
I was replacing the fuel tank and the wires from the plug on top of the fuel pump pulle dout of the plug. I cannot find anyone that can tell me which wires go to which spot in the plug so that my fuel gauge and fuel pump will be wired properly and work correctly. I also cannot find a new plug in a salvage yard.
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