2008 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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Car whines and growls going down highway when you let off the gas it sounds like I am gearing down. Been about 2weeks ago this started please help
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just driving down the road makes the noise
I was just trying to get a ballpark figure for replacing lifters or timing chain
Need to find out the cost to replace the positive battery cable
My 08 GT has a shaker 500 that searches for cds and then gives error randomly while the key is off and any time there is a voltage change I.e. light comes on or goes of, trunk lod open or closed, doors open or closed etc.
attempting to change alternator
Has popped before and after K&N CAI installed. CAI made no difference in amount of popping nor sound of popping.
I have used my Shaker 1000 watt 6 disc CD player very little. I recently went to insert a disc and found that it will not let me load any discs. When I push CD it says no CD found and says initializing, then is does nothing and comes up with "CD error" and I'm back to square one. It says there are no discs loaded, however it won't let me load any, what's up with that?
A wrench symbol just appeared on my dash??? what is it?
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