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Car hesitated to start.. then after driving it a few miles to got to the gym and needed a jumpstart 2 hrs later. Figured it was the battery so i replaced it. It still hesitates to start and the guages go up and down. After driving a mile or so after it started, the battery guage went for low to normal to low again
Gas pump shuts off after about 4 gals. Dealership says can't be repaired. Could replace gas tank but can't guarantee will fix problem. Could try angling the nozzle differently or wait 30 seconds and try to continue pumping.
How long have you had this problem? Worsening over the years
both driver and passage electric seats won't move fwd or aft. tilt fwd aft good, up down works for both seats
Car stalls and cuts off but cranks right back up
Keep reading about Can-Bus computer system which would reject LED bulbs.
Fixed alternator in car and warning light is still on. Is the alternator faulty or does warning need reset.
this problem is intermittent .It seem that the engine used to rev up slightly while letting out clutch or depressing clutch it seems that it has got worse since hot weather has arrived and i'm using a/c.
Could this be my tire axle? if so whats a good estimate of getting it fixed?
I cant remember all the codes... there were three, but one was a drive shaft sensor(?)The estimated price... the last around One Thousand. The car runs for a while and then just stalls. I let it sit and then restart it. sometimes this happens once out every three trips. Sometimes several times a trip.
Thank you. :)
(I did not wreck it, my step mother did.)
Link to picture:
i was told there were 2 to each car
My "Check Charging System" light went on. On the way home all of a sudden the eadhlights started flashing, cd player started ejecting all of the cd's and keep trying after they were gone, the display was flashing no fuel and i had a full tank, the windows were going up and down and then it suddenly died and will not start. I replaced the battery and alternator and 2 days later it did the same thing. Jumping it will start it only as long as the cables are attached to the other vehicle and the other symptoms continue even then. I will have to have it towed to the repair shop and that's 30 miles, so I would like an idea of what I might expect. Thank you.
just installed underdrive pulleys on my mustang gt and the oil pump stopped working, is the new pulley the cause of the failure?
tapping noise in from engine
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