2004 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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I've tried a sleeve but the plug still not catching any tread. What's my options at the point
It also is putting condensation on the outside of the windshield when being driven.
would it be the fuse?
trans fluid is full
I'd like to install a new one-can't seem to locate it.
Thanks in advance.
The new manifold is in-I do not note any leaks around the perimeter.Yet,the car is still leaking antifreeze at the rear,and dripping below the clutch.(Prior to the manifold replacement,it leaked by the thermostat and I suspected somewhere at the rear of the motor.
Any ideas? Given the tight motor fit,it's hard for a driveway guy to diagnose.
Thank you.
Mine has become a leaker, a common occurence for a 4.6 motor,I understand.I'll be using a new oem for replacement.Any kinks in doing this job? What torque do I use to reinstall the bolts?Thank you.
Any cure for these hinges that use elastomer instead of springs? They usually fail to hold a heavy door open on the slightest slope,the second Ford that I've had with this issue-it is not worn,just a crappy design.
I think its the heaterhose but the part it connects to is plastic and it just crumbles apart. I have done many temporary fixes but now it is cracked all the way down. Some people have told me that
I need an intake manifold but Im not so sure. The hose is fine its just the plastic piece it goes to.
Have replaced 2 batteries and 4 alternators ( 3 under warranity) Light still goes on and off
The engine maintainance light came on while the car was warming up in cold weather. The car hadn't been used in two weeks and was sitting outside with a quarter tank of gas.
i bought car this summer, the dealership was going to fix this existing problem. consistent with speed, a chirping noise from the rear. they turned the rotors, they adjusted the ebrake, they changed the pads, the problem has never been resolved. when i press the brake slightly, during driving the noise goes away. no smell from the wheels after i drive it, either
I recently had the coolant, brake and power steering systems flushed as part of my 100,000 mile maintainence. 26 days later I returned to the shop and had "leaks" in all of these systems. Now I have a knocking noise in the front right engine that comes and goes and the shop can't locate it.
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