2003 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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car truns on but will not come out of park. just happened. Wheel is not locked. thanks...
top will go up with out help
I have an 03 mustang gt manual with approximately 111,000 miles and my RPM gauge sometimes goes up and down after I crank it up. Does not do this all the time, but enough times to bother me. Does this sound like something to do with the fuel filter or it's component?
my 2003 ford mustang gthas a hard start.when cold will not start on first crank.always starts on second try.i have 40 psi on fuel rail and good battery and charging system.also good spark.please help.
My 03 Mustang GT 5Sp has developed a rattling type noise from the underdrive pulley areas or at least I think it's coming from that area, sounds like it's on the Passenger side. Please help with what this could possibly be? Also any creditable mustang shops in san antonio, TX? Thanks for your help in advance.
does the warning light reset its self or do i have to manualy do it?
How long does it take for the Service Engine Soon light to come on after someone puts sugar in your gas tank?
I have a loud sound underneath my car which sounds like a loud road noise from the tires, but I just purchased new tires less than 6 months ago. I looked underneath and it sound like it was coming from the transmission area. It really sounds the loudest when I slow down and about to come to a halt. Had transmission rebuilt x6 months ago, new clutch and had the engine replaced. What could this possibly be? Perhaps the transmission or some type of bearing. Any help would be appreciative.
Idle speed goes up and down sometimes. Sometimes when trying to crank my car, it seems like the engine does not want to turn over and then it turns over but at a lower muffled sound. Please help!
My engine service light came on and I took it to autozone to get a scan of the problem. They said it was Bank 1 sensor 2, which told me that it was the one right before the Catalytic convertor on passenger side. Well is it up front or the rear one on the passenger side? I changed the first one and the code went off for about 5 miles and then came back on. I don't have any cats and have the MILs on the rear. So my questions is, is it the front sensors or rear sensor? Help please.
When I accelerate very quickly on wet or dirt covered surfaces, a green warning light which looks like a circle with a twirl in the middle of it comes on. I would like to know what this means.
a new radiator fan motor won't start on a 2003 Mustang GT 4.6L. as a consequence the air cond. won't start eather. is it a switch or a fuse. which fuse covers the fan motor.
I need some help. I had my clutch changed about 3-4 months ago and now have a vibration type sound or noise coming from the bottom front and also a rattling type noise coming from my gear shift area. The vibration noise is there most of the time, especially after I shift gears and accelerate, it's very noticable for about 3-5 seconds. Any idea what this can be?

Also any recommended mustang shops that is trustworthy, does good work, and reasonable in the san antonio, tx area?
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