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2003 mustang 4.6 smokes when start and clears up a little bit and smells like raw gas fumes it does the smoking all the time it clears up and comes back all the time, no codes are stored
It happens between 2000-2200 RPMs after it gets passed those RPMs it goes away it mostly happens In 5th gear
2003 GT 128000km just change front hub bearing left and
right, break are brand new all around disc pads and front caliper just replace rear struts and axel damper, so its starts litle wille ago when exiting hiway turning right side rear wheel knoking and grinding not that loud but when i pull in the drive way turning right side its grinding and knocking loud but allways on the side rear wheel,parking thight turn is the same...seam that when the car is cold it dosnt do it there is nothing slacks everything tigh so my mechanics thinks that may be something in the axel and got smal vibration coming from the end of the transmison (automaticozorus) so next step is opend uo the rear diff to see whats in it ..

the car keeps tearing up timing belts and runs hot when the timing belt is on along with the manuel shift transmission in fiorst and second gear very slugish
fuel pressure was erratic, around 30psi or less. with A.C. on fuel pressue drops to 20 or less and engine stumbles. Changed fuel pressure sensor and fuel pump. now the fuel pressure is steady 30 psi but when the air is turned on the engine still stumbles like it is running out of fuel. does this car have a fuel pressure regulator? cant find one.
I have changed the fuel pump, the relay and the constant relay. Paid a mechanic to fix it but he could not.
my gt sounds like some one is strangling her when im in gears 1-4 shes fine but when i get to gear 5 she sounds like shes getting way to much air or not enuf air does any else have this problem or a solution to it
Best way to find it.
went to start my car battery deid would not take a jump went and bought another was ok for 2 days died would not take a jump now I put another battery in now it will only crank over and not start Fuel pump maybe any suggestions ?
My wifes GT is making a buzzing noise whenerver its on. One friend said it might be the altinator and another says it might be the power steering pump, but it constantly makes that noise not just when she turns.
How would i disable the passenger airbag on my 2003 mustang gt for a young child to be able to ride in the front seat ?
Daily commuter, 206k miles
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