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Alternator on changed it again,new pigtail on alternator,ran new grounds neg. and POS. to battery and starter,checked all fuses,took aftermarket stereo out didn't help.problem started when the ground wire rubbed and arched out.
Either replace the motor, or sell the car as is. I have a mechanic friend that is going to replace it with a crate motor for $3,500-$4,000 its a new motor so it comes with a 100,000 mile/3-year warranty. Is this worth it? I'm $7k deep into this money pit due to unneeded suspension replacement trying to chase down a squeak that I never found, and also from rebuilding the transmission...

Engine tick, thought it was timing chain tensioners. Then the tick jumped to the opposite side of the engine(it was on passenger front, now it's on driver rear, yes I can feel the tick with my hand). I did an oil change, and it has tons of metal flake in the oil.
The motor only has 110,000 miles which is aggravating because these motors are supposed to be bulletproof.

SO! idk what the tick is, but the metal in the oil shows that I need a new motor... or a whole rebuild.... Is this car worth another $4,000? (just to repeat, I've already replaced the transmission. So almost all of the major components of the car have been replaced.) I know I'll never even break even at this point with this car, but I don't know if it is worth keeping this car alive.
Securing hook on drivers side just catching. Passenger side hook making good contact.
all the lines to the fire wall are cold, so is the box under the dash. some one said it is the hvac blend door. i can't find anything on how to replace
After a drive of around 55 to 70 miles an hour for an extended period of 20 minutes or more. I put my car in reverse and there is a sound like rubber on metal, and I can feel the sound at the same time coming from rear of car. I replaced all pads, and rotors, and I know I have a leak at my differential pinion seal , but when I changed my diff cover I did not see any metal shavings in the fluid, the fluid did look frothy though. My car also shakes violently when driving between 60-65. I found that all my tires were severely under aired. Haven't driven far since adding air to tires. Pinion seal comes in next week some time. Any ideas?
When the steering wheel is turned there is a squealing noise that comes from the stearing unit. more so to the left than the right. the steering is not hard or sluggish, just makes noise. there are no leaks in the system either. any ideas?
I have a vibration type noise in the rear of the car. It is only when the car is in gear, typically at low speeds. Like in the drive thru. The car runs fine but the noise is getting louder. We cant seem to find it. It kind of sounds like a heat shield or something like that rattling.
Evey time the car is driven I get a bad gas smell on shut down. probably needs new plugs. Car is new to me.
could I have blown a fuse while trying to jumpstart car, car started 3 days ago
My 02 mustang gt was making a clicking noise about a year ago. I took it into the shop and was told that I needed to replace the rack and pinion. I have about 80,000 miles on my car. The shop "fixed" the rack and pinion, but I began to hear the clicking again a few months ago. Is it possible for a rack and pinion to go out within a year of being replaced? Or was it done incorrectly?
Ran very low on gass, but made it to the station. Put 5 gallons in it. it started and ran a quarter mile down the road and died. it tunred over after that, but only ran for a few minutes then dies. Now it wont start at all.
Is the AC control switch related to a fuse? I only have the HIGH setting that works, no intermediate settings function for my vent, heat, or AC.
i replaced battery and alternator but the battery light is still on. does the light need to be reset?
I am leaking coolant from the bottom of the radiator. It only leaks while running and immediatley stops when shut off. I cant really see where it is coming from but it appears to be dripping from the passenger side lower radiator mount. It is a sizeable leak and I need HELP!!!
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