2001 Ford Mustang GT Questions

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front left wheel is rubbing against hub when turning left. Power steering and brake fluid leak

i have put sensor deletes on bank 1 & 2 sensor twos.i am getting bank 1 & 2 sensor 1 slow response codes.i do have a programmer on the car.

I have had Ford replace both converters and 02 sensors new and its stores and 02 sensor code when this miss fire and sputtering starts.


light stays on and flashes every so often while driving. engine sounds and feels like I have a fouled sparkplug.

car bucks at certian speeds I disingaged the overdrive for low speeds and it seems to help is this helpful and how involved is it to get fixed Thanks for your help

I want to know how many quartz of oil I need. I can hear my valves ticking everytime I start it up in the morning.

location of fuel pump

My abs light stays on and the mechanic does not know why. He's replaced the brake pads and then a month later said the calapers were bad. His guessing is getting expensive. I still have brake dust on the two front wheels and the right front wheel pads are at 4 10ths of an inch after only 2 months. Feeling ripped off - any help would be appreciated.

i own a 2001 mustang gt and when i press the clutch in it makes a clanking sound what is it transmission or do i need a new clutch kit

Tapping timing chain needs replacement. Car has 138,000 miles. What can I expect for repairs?

the button that turns the traction control on&off

I have a 2001 MustangGT I was told my 8th cilinder was not firing at full capacity.Should I have the engine rebuilt or replace it with a longblock crate engine.The car has 87,000 miles in great shape except for engine.Thanks need advice

Added Lucas injector cleaner then full tank of gas. Then service engine soon light came on. Dealer said there is a pin hole in gas filler pipe before the gas tank. A $310 repair. Told him to hold off. I find this repair hard to believe. What do you think? Thanks